Walking With Harry

Please excuse me while I post a shaky video of my baby in his diaper with my squeaky voice in the background, but my baby is walking. He took his first steps over a month ago, and would walk a couple of steps in between the couch and the chair, or if he was holding onto my hand, but over the weekend he took a couple of steps, and then a couple more, and bam. He’s a walker.

I have to say, Harry walking is my favorite. He’s getting better every day, but he still walks with his arms out in front of him, toddling from side to side, sometimes moving sideways instead of forward. It throws me for such a loop when he comes walking around the corner, or when I see him out of the corner of my eye running across the living room.

He’s so proud of himself, and rightfully so. Officially a toddler. Am I ready for that?

xoxo Mallory

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