Three Months of Harry

Can I tell you a secret? I originally titled this post “Two Months” and was amazed at how quickly it went by. But no, three months. Three months of diaper changes, midnight feedings, and so many kisses.

Harry at three months

Harry hit the three month mark yesterday. In the last month, he has rolled over on purpose. Seven times in a row, and only twice since. He is studious. His eye brows knit together when he’s concentrating, which happens a lot. He gets rather frustrated when he can’t make something happen. He has learned to kiss and offers a slobbery, open mouthed smooch on request. He has started reaching for toys he wants, and is even able to pull them into his mouth.

First three months at a glance

Harry woke up one day with no more sideburns, but the hair on the top and down the back are still growing thick, making for a pretty rad mohawk. He has branched outside “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and now devours books, Eric Carle and all. We’ve switched to cloth diapers for sleeping, but they still bow his legs a bit, so disposables are the name of the game during wake time.

First three months at a glance

How have I been a Mum for three months already? It feels like just yesterday we brought that little dinosaur skinned, black haired newborn home from the hospital.

xoxo, Mallory

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