Things I Never Want to Forget: Almost 22 months

Things I don't want to forget about 22 month | R.Simple Life

+ “Nuzzle” AKA lay on top of a stuffed animal/guy/diaper/blanket and push your face hard against it.

+ Also, “nuzzling” in Mama’s bed.

+ If you are the last one with anything on your plate, you are the self-proclaimed “Bacon Master” of that food item (“Bacon Master of Beans!”)

+ How sweet you were when I threw out my back. Wanting to kiss it all the time.

+ “Up to Mama” versus your very independent ways.

+ This time of almost potty trained, where one of the most important decisions of your day is “Thomas underpants or Like Papa underpants”

+ How much you love to run. Just run. One of your favorite things to do is “run outside” which basically means you run up and down the driveway for as long as I’ll let you.

+ “OOO WEE” at a particularly rich smell.

+ When I come across Pharell’s Happy while flipping through radio stations and your whole body smiles as you shout “MAMA FOUND HAPPY!”

+ The way you talk to all smoke detectors.

+ When people ask how old you are and then say, almost in awe, “Wow, he’s talking really well.”

+ “Sitting in my poopy pants.”

+ How, at the end of the day, your little body just melts into mine while I sing you one of your favorite songs (Step in Time or Peanut Butter Jelly Time or “Oh Nighty Night” AKA Oh Holy Night or “Papa Song” AKA a tune I make up with words I make up about Papa) and you bury your head in my shoulder resisting sleep. And the second I finish a song, the way you kiss me and say “bed.”

+ All of your cars and trucks lined up bumper to bumper and the excited squeal of “Traffic jam!” You may be the only person in the world who gets so excited about a traffic jam he asks his mum to take a picture of it.

+ You practicing “trick or treat(er)!”

+ The way you play so nicely in your crib in the mornings and after naps and then suddenly yell “Get out get out get out!” So I go get you.

+ How very certain you are that you could fix just about anything if only you had some glue.

+ “Dabana” (banana) and the fact that a “peanut butter dabana in half” does not in fact mean a banana cut in half with peanut butter, but a whole banana sans peanut butter.

+ The beginning of terrible twos where you throw a tantrum at the toss of a hat, won’t cooperate when I ask you to do something, bite, hit, pull hair… and then turn around and are the sweetest, most gentile and loving human being I’ve ever seen. With the bad comes the extreme good, so I’ll take it my love.

xoxo Mama

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      He’s also the self-proclaimed “Bacon master of brot!” and “Bacon master of avocado!” and “Bacon master of soup!”


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