Things I Never Want to Forget: 20 Months

Harry, 20 Months Old | R.Simple Life+ “Next to Mama.” Not on my lap, next to me. Always.

+ Your morning pep talks with yourself. “Boungiorno!”

+ The way you seemed to be lost at sea, just staring out into the waves. Totally at peace.

+ Your back rubs.

+ The way your hand feels in mine.

+ How much you hate getting your hair cut.

+ How much you still love peanut butter. All day, every day.

+ Your pushups, squats, and baby yoga.

+ The way you look when you are sleeping.

+ Requests for “Mama Papa Bed” at night, and when the answer is no, your insistence that I at least lay in your crib for a while.

+ When you find a stuffed animal you haven’t seen in a while and you squeeze the stuffing right out of it.

+ “Okay Mama???” if I sigh, or close my eyes, or sniff.

+ How hard you love.

+ How stubborn you are.

+ The way you look up at the ceiling or the sky when a stranger talks to you.

+ “Nice to meetu!”

+ The way you feel too big to cuddle up in my lap at bedtime, but you curl up just perfectly and fit right in.

+ The giant clapping I saw as I rounded the corner to the finish line.

+ Your jumping. You worked so hard on it, and you finally nailed it bud.

+ Your focus. You can focus on a toy for longer than I ever expect.

+ Books. All the books. You love reading.

+ “Up to Mama!” and then the way you settle into my arms for a split second before you start leaning every which way.

+ Playing with your hair.

+ When you “clap” your face.

+ This time of parenting when we’re learning how to discipline, learning how to give you space, learning how to let you figure things out on your own, learning to let you be you, but still staying close and holding on when we need to.

xoxo Mama


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