Things I don’t want to forget

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+ The way your hair gets all fuzzy and matted in the back. It tickles my arm when I’m feeding you.

+ The squawking. Like a dinosaur. Seriously, like a dinosaur. Is it singing? You do it to Justin Timberlake. Is it talking? You did it at 6am this morning. Whatever it is, it’s the greatest.

+ The way your little hand holds on to my arm when you’re eating. And my shirt.

+ How soft your skin is. It blows my mind how soft your skin is.

+ How much you love to see yourself in the mirror.

+ The kisses. Oh, the kisses. Mouth wide open. In it to win it. The best is when you request them.

+ Your determination to stand. Just because you arch your entire body, little buddy, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically stand. But until you learn that, I’ll be there to help.

+ That sweet, gummy smile that greets Papa and me whenever you haven’t seen us for a while.

+ Your patience with reading. Sure, you have opinions about which books you want to read, but when we’re reading the right ones, you could sit there for hours.

+ Your little open mouth stare when the TV is on. Just like your Papa’s.

+ The way you kick and punch and rock your head side to side before you’re fully awake.

+ Your hair. Just, your hair.

+ Those first few seconds in the tub where your tongue comes out. What are you licking?

+ The way your little scratchy fingernails feel on my skin.

+ How you hold my lips in your hand when you’re tired. I think it’s a way to show me your affection.

+ The way you fall asleep in an instant as soon as I lie you down next to me.

+ The way your whole body tenses up as we walk down the stairs.

I love you Harry Bear.

xoxo, Mum

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