Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Month Two


+ Your grunty laugh. It’s not quite a belly buster yet, but it’s deep and sweet as can be.

+ Your beautiful, beautiful dark blue eyes.

+ The way your hand rests on my heart when you’re eating.

+ When you’re so sure you’ve got the head holding thing down, and then you lose control and wiggle back and forth. Headbanger.

+ How much you love diaper changes. And looking at me in the mirror.

+ The way you pull your arms and legs tight against your body in the bath.

+ When you spread your arms wide and try to find something, anything to grab.

+ The way you smile and roll your eyes up every time I kiss you. And the way you open your mouth, waiting for the kiss, when you know it’s coming.

+ How warm you are next to me in the middle of the night.

+ The sweet, sleepy smile you give me as you drift back into sleep after our nighttime feedings.

+ Your nighttime schedule.

+ Those little toes. And your hands, which are tiny little clones of mine.

+The intensity in which you watch black and white patterns. And the way you find them funny sometimes.

+ When you look at me because you’re unsure or possibly a little bit frightened.

+ The grasp when you hold my hand tight.

+ The way your whole face breaks into smile. It’s the best.

+ Also, that one sided smirk.

+ The way your mouth is shaped when you’re talking to me.

+ How every morning I wake up with more and more and more love in my heart for you. I love being your mama and you have rounded out this family perfectly.

xoxo, Mama

2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Month Two

  1. Aunt Barb

    I love your family,,,,,, You are such a good mommy. The years fly by so fast, cherish every moment….. I know you do!! I appreciate all of your posts of the boys. Since we cant be with them, this is the next best thing. Sooooo adorable!!!! XO


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