Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Five Months


+ When I kiss the spot right next to your eye, if you’re even remotely tired, your eyes will start to close.

+ “Ooohmma.”

+ The way your little hands hold on to Papa’s cheeks

+ The face you make when you try a new food. It looks like nothing but disgust, but you keep on trying that food!

+ The way you smell after a bath.

+ The way you smell before a bath.

+ When you’re tired and heavy and you sink right into my arms.

+ Your sideways smirk when someone worthy of your attention is across the room.

+ How you rest your forehead on my face when you get tired.

+ The light taps you give your own head when you’re nursing.

+ Your smile.

+ How independent you already are.

+ The way you stand so big and tall, yet seem so tiny in that stance.

+ You only roll over when you feel like it. Which isn’t often.

+ You, all snuggled up with Mama’s blanket instead of doing tummy time.

+ The way you very excitedly snuggle all of your brother’s stuffed buddies.

+ The way you look at Harry.

+ The happy/impatient laughing/grunting that rides the edge between laughter and utter meltdown when you’re hungry and you know it’s coming.

+ How you suck on your lower lip.

+ Those belly laughs and how hard I work for them.

+ Your arms, which never stop moving.

+ How much you love to look at yourself in the mirror. I hope you’re always as happy with that reflection as you are right now.

I love you buddy boy.

xoxo Mama

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