Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Almost Three

Harry, Almost 3Harry, Almost 3Harry, Almost 3+ Your jokes. And they way you giggle and ask “What did I say?” after we laugh when you were inadvertently funny.

+ Your steel trap mind. You don’t forget anything.

+ The way your imagination takes off and all of a sudden you’re Marley with a hat, or your bed is the Millennium Falcon, or you’re making coconut butter with Oscar’s monkey.

+ Your tiny hand in my hand.

+ “That was a fart.”

+ All the apples with little bite marks in them. ALL THE APPLES.

+ Your insistence that Mickey Mouse needs a diaper change from Minnie.

+ When you’re in your bed but not tired. And all the shenanigans that ensue.

+ Your constant petting of Christmas trees.

+ How sensitive you are. You cried when you realized Darth Vader died. Or Marley. Or Yoda. Or our Christmas tree.

+ Your extreme introversion. It takes you a full week to recover from houseguests.

+ How much you love cereal. And meatballs.

+ Your tiny little butt.

+ When you ask for double snuggles at bed time.

+ How much you love to read. And trains. You love all trains.

+ The way you assume everyone has toys at their house “No, I’ll just play with Mr. Chris and Dr. Amanda’s toys.”

+ All. The. Bandaids.

+ And. The. Cotton. Balls.

+ When you get so frustrated and you just don’t know what to do so it comes out in a scream or a yell or you crumple to the ground. It’s so hard to see you so upset my love, but I am so grateful that I get to be here to walk you through this stage of life. You’re learning a lot every day and having a LOT of fun along the way.

Love, Mama


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