Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 9 Months

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+ The way it took you nine and a half months to finally start crawling, yet how frustrated you would get when you were left sitting somewhere you didn’t want to be.

+ Your social, fake laugh.

+ How much you already look up to your brother. You’re his little parrot.

+ The Great Sleep Regression of Summer 2016. You immediately forgot how to sleep through the night when we landed on US soil and continued that trend for over a month.

+ Your clap. And the way you drop everything to start clapping when someone says “Yay!”

+ Your hilarious wave. “Haaaaaaaa!”

+ The open mouthed kisses.

+ How good you are with other people. You let them hold you, you smile and laugh, you’re so polite. Until you see Mama, and then you’d scratch someone’s eyes out (nicely) to get to me.

+ Your napping and how good you are about it. You’re so laid back. You’ll fall asleep in the car, wake up to eat and socialize, and then go back down when I put you down for a real nap.

+ The way you look at the ocean. You loved every minute of those big waves rolling in.

+ How hard it was to keep all the rocks out of your mouth at the beach.

+ Your big, chubby cheeks fully peeking out of that too-small bucket hat. The only hat you will keep on your head.

+ Dancing with you at Uncle Charlie and Auntie Christie’s wedding.

+ How much food you eat. SO MUCH FOOD.

+ When you give in just a little and snuggle up in the wrap while we walk. But only when you’re tired.

+ How happy you are. You are seriously one of the happiest, sweetest, good-est babies ever, and we are so lucky to have you to round out our little family.

xoxo Mama

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