Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 8 Months

Oscar_8months-3 Oscar_8months-12 Oscar_8months-17 Oscar_8months-7

+ Your thin, but long, swoopy hair and how light it is.

+ The “warning laugh.” You may be laughing now, but it’s going to turn bad in a minute.

+ The sweet way you lay your head on my shoulder when someone new is talking to you. Shy boy.

+ How you love to go on solo runs with me and just take it all in.

+ The singing. I love your little voice.

+ The way you never want to stop moving. You always want to be watching something.

+ How independent you already are.

+ Yet, how much you want me nearby all the time.

+ The way you throw yourself into my arms when someone else has been holding you for a while.

+ How happy and content you are when you’re playing with someone else, but the minute you see me the “warning laugh” emerges.

+ How happy and content you are.

+ The whispy hairs on the back of your head.

+ How much food you put away. So much food.

+ The way you love me. And how much I love you. So much it almost hurts.

xoxo Mama

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