Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 7 Months


+ The babbling. I could listen to you practice talking all day.

+ Your “Sup?” nod.

+ Your deep, slow bow. And the way you keep eye contact out of the top of your head the whole time.

+ The little noises you make when you wake up and realize you rolled over onto your stomach in the middle of the night and you don’t want to be like that anymore.

+ How much you want to see the world and everything around you.

+ The way you practically throw yourself at me when I walk up after someone else has been holding you.

+ Your pouty lip.

+ The way you feel in the middle of the night after you’ve fallen back to sleep nursing. Heavy and limp, warm and big, with your sweet cheek smooshed into my arm.

+ What a champ you were on our very busy trip to Colorado.

+ This gummy smile. I don’t think we’ll have it much longer.

+ The way your whole face crinkles when you smile. I hope you never lose that.

+ How much you love food, meat specifically, and even more specifically, steak.

+ Nursing. You’re already showing signs of losing interest in the name of solid food, and though I know you still need me, I’m starting to feel the loss already.

+ Your apparent left handedness. I wonder if it’ll stick!

+ The sucking on your bottom lip.

+ The way you light up, calm down, or simply listen when you hear the piano.

+ Your enthusiasm when you get to play the piano.

+ Your insistency that you must have whatever food I’m eating.

+ These days when Harry is at school and you and I have a quiet, slower pace, just the two of us. I love you Boss.

xoxo Mama

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