Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 6 Months


+ “Mamamamama” and the way your lips keep moving even when you’re done talking.

+ That hug you give me every time I pick you up from the changing table.

+ Your goofy grin and how your whole mouth opens as wide as can be when you’re happy, which is about 90% of the time.

+ Waking up next to you, our foreheads together.

+ How brave you are when I wash your hair.

+ You eating. You love solids, dude. And the very first time you ever had steak – you sucked on it, chewed it to pieces, and rubbed it all over your face.

+ How happy you are when I come into your room after a nap.

+ The way your whole face lights up when your brother enters the room.

+ How hard you were laughing with Harry when he was “nom noming” you.

+ Your little Irish jig in the exersaucer.

+ Your whispy hairs.

+ These sad yell-cries you do when you’re sick and uncomfortable.

+ The way your body shakes just the slightest bit right when you wake up. Like you’re slowly coming out of a dream.

+ How I know you’re asleep in your crib when you roll over onto your side and tilt your face up.

+ The way you explore right now. You’re very interested in the world around you and love to play with everything within your reach.

+ Your laugh. Oooh, your laugh.

+ The way your head feels on my shoulder when you’re really, really tired (which is about the only time you put it there).

+ Your sweet little smile when I wear you. Everytime you look up into my face you smile like it’s the coolest thing ever that we get to hug while we walk around.

+ Sink baths.

+ The two to three inches of skin popping out of pretty much every pair of pants you own. I swear they fit you just yesterday.

+ Your intense interest in the piano.

+ How your left hand seems to be dominant. I wonder if it’ll stay that way.

+ The months we’ve had as “young baby.” They’re coming to a close and it’s bittersweet to me. I love watching you grow and discover the world around you, but I can’t believe you’re not my tiny little boy anymore. I love you buddy.

xoxo Mama

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