Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 4 Months

Oscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 Months+ Your morning dinosaur calls. And when you wake up saying “hiiiiii!”

+ The way your mouth opens to it’s fullest when you want a kiss.

+ Your laugh. It’s so great.

+ Holding hands with you early in the morning.

+ This stage of the four month sleep regression when you really, really want to nap longer than 30 minutes, so you fall asleep on me more often than not, right after waking up.

+ The look in your eyes as you take in everything your brother does.

+ When you clasp your hands together because you simply must have a hand to hold.

+ How you fling your buddies around and smootch them.

+ The amazement in your face as we read books.

+ The way your body feels in my arms.

+ How you prefer to sleep cradled in my arms, and not on my shoulder, thank you very much.

+ When I wear you in a carrier, the way your tiny little arms push against me, not to get away, but just to make sure you can see everything.

+ The way you smirk and smile out of the corner of your eye when you see your Papa across the room.

+ How quick you are to smile for me.

+ Your voice. It’s gravely and low but can reach such high pitches when you’re really excited to be talking.

+ The way you can lie on your activity mat contentedly for such a long time.

+ Your sweet little legs and how strong they are, pushing you up when you’re in the exersaucer or my hands.

+ How I can hold your whole tiny being with one arm.

+ The joy you bring me and your Papa every single day. I love you Boss.

xoxo Mama


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