Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 3 Months

Oscar, Three MonthsOscar Three MonthsOscar Three MonthsOscar Three Months

+ The ease in which you fall asleep if I’m holding your hand.

+ The flailing arms when you’re in between sleep and awake.

+ Your giant, gummy, beautiful smile that lights up your whole face.

+ Your milk-scented breath.

+ How strong your legs are when you’re trying to stand up.

+ All the talking, babbling, squealing, and happy little noises. And the shape your lips form when you’re really trying to talk.

+ The weight of your little body in my arms when I’m rocking you to sleep.

+ How 7pm means bedtime. Regardless of late naps, exciting surroundings, happy giggles. Bedtime is bedtime.

+ The way you calm right down at the sound of my voice.

+ How you fall asleep the minute you’re moving in your carseat.

+ This time of discovery when you’re trying so hard to grasp toys and when you figure out how to coordinate your fist to hit one, you do it over and over.

+ The way you are growing out of everything SO FAST.

+ How you look at your brother.

+ How happy you are, almost all the time.

+ Your little nursing noises.

+ The way you smile at me instead of eating sometimes. Even when you’re hungry, you always remember to stop and smile at me.

+ These early days that seem to go by way too fast. I can’t believe you’re already three months old. I can’t believe it’s been three months since I held you inside my belly. Slow down, little one. I don’t know if I can handle how fast time is moving!

Love, Mama

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