Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 3 and a Quarter Years


+ When you squeeze my foot so hard because you’ve just got to release that tension somehow.

+ You, sneaking into Oscar’s room as I’m putting him to sleep, to whisper-shout “I love you!”

+ Your imagination and talking to Tina the T-Rex.

+ Your love of dinosaurs and desire to listen to any dinosaur podcast I can find. You call them “your podcasts.”

+ The way you climb up my body when I’m The Giving Tree and Papa is the Tickle Tiger coming to get you.

+ “Pizza!” as the answer to “What do you want for breakfast/lunch/dinner?” Everytime.

+ All the dressing up. You ask me to dress you up like Kylo Ren or Darth Vader or a puppy or a bear, etc. etc. etc.

+ Your invitation to watch Dinosaur Train with you on the couch.

+ The way you snuggle right into me after school.

+ How big and yet how little you look when I come to get you from school and you’ve got binoculars around your neck and you’re out exploring with your friends.

+ “Hoopa Hoops.”

+ How big you look on your bike.

+ Swimming in the bathtub with your goggles on.

+ When you bring me a lightsaber for a battle.

+ The things you say, the noises you make, the songs you sing, when you’re in your room for a rest.

+ When I ask you where you want to live when you grow up, your answer is always “With you.”

+ A love of anything that has sugar in it.

+ How teeny tiny you really are still. I keep thinking you’re getting so big, and you are, but one day I’ll look back on these pictures and my heart will break at how tiny you really were. It’s already starting to happen.

xoxo Mama

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