Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 3.5 Years of H

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+ When I heard a thump in your room last night and went up to check on you and you were standing at the window. You turned to me and quickly crouched down because you thought you would be in trouble then threw caution to the wind and said “Do you want to see the moon???”

+ “Do you want to talk about tractors?”

+ ALL THE TRACTOR TALK. I hope you have a really well paying job when you grow up because you have grand plans to buy 40 plus 40 tractors.

+ How sweet you are when you tell me I can sleep in your room, heck, in your bed, every single night.

+ You hiding inside the tractor tires.

+ How loud you are. I don’t get it, but you talk so loud.

+ Pizza is always the answer to “What do you want for dinner?”

+ This two and a half months abroad and how well you’re adjusting / how hard it’s been on you. You’ve been a champ, but it’s really tough. You went through a few weeks where you cried daily about missing Germany.

+ Walking into your room at naptime to find you tucked into the bed and snuggled up with that giant monkey.

+ How sweet you can be when you’re talking to an adult.

+ The sweet little talks you give your brother when he’s crying in the car. “It’s okay buddy, we’re almost home! So close now.”

+ How you will eat anything if we tell you there is sugar in it.

+ How amped up you get when you eat sugar.

+ Your rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

+ How much you love Hook by Blues Traveler.

+ Your view on the upcoming election. “I don’t want any. I’m going to close my eyes and not listen.”

+ You still would drop everything to snuggle me. I have to remember that. You are quite a handful lately. Three and a half is a trying age and you’re doing everything to test your spot in this family. But I need to just stop and snuggle you daily. Because you love it, I love it, and it’s so good.

xoxo Mama