Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 2 Years + 10 Months

Things I Don't Want to Forget | R.Simple LifeThings I Don't Want to Forget | R.Simple Life

+ Your voice when you sing. It’s so cute… and so bad.

+ How excited you get when I sneak into your room for extra snuggles, and the way you pet my head while I lay next to you.

+ The constant requests for “fast as a speeder bike!” when we’re running.

+ The Darth Vader theme at all times. Especially when you are trying to make your brother happy.

+ Everything you name right now is named Ted.

+ Your hands covering your ears whenever something is too loud.

+ The way you can put away a large meatball platter at Ikea, no problem.

+ Your jokes. They’re so good.

+ “May I have to…” all the time. So polite, yet still so little.

+ The moment after an epic meltdown when you’re calm and happy, like someone switched a light.

+ You trying to trade Dottie for Oscar’s Monkey pacifier. Good try, little buddy.

+ When you talk to your guys and buddies like we talk to you.

+ The way you put your underwear on. Never the right way, though there seem to be limitless possibilities.

+ Your constant need for the most attention. I wish I could give it to you, but even more so I wish it was easier and less painful for you to learn you can’t always have it.

+ This time of adjustment. It’s tough buddy. You have lots of tantrums, lots of meltdowns, lots of yelling and tears. But I understand. It’s hard on you too. You’re dealing with jealousy and probably a little sadness. You’re unsure of the changing environment. You are unsure of your own feelings, and how to express them. I want to remember this partially because it’s the hardest time in my short parenting life so far, but partially because I want to remember how you work though this and are able to overcome. I know we’ll get there. Let’s keep on trucking together.

I love you. Mama

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