Things I Don’t Want to Forget: One Month


+ Your squishy cheeks and how much I want to kiss them and smoosh them all the time.

+ The sweet noises you make when you sleep. And the loud grunts too.

+ The way your body feels when you’re stretching every single muscle you have.

+ How warm your body is when you’re snuggling up to me.

+ Your long fingers.

+ The way your root around, so sure that the milk comes from the back of your hand. And how frustrated you get when it doesn’t.

+ The way you look into my eyes.

+ Your sweet body all curled up on my shoulder.

+ Your little body twitches. You’re like a sleepy little puppy.

+ How stiff your cute nose is.

+ All the sleeping, and how you definitely sleep the best in my arms.

+ The way your toes stretch all the way out when your legs are bare.

+ How you stop fussing when I start singing.

+ This early time of indescribable love where I just feel warm and happy and joyed while I watch you just be.

xoxo Mama

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