Things I Don’t Want to Forget, 19 Month Style

Things I Don't Want to Forget about the 19 Month Old Stage | R.Simple Life

+ You aren’t a baby anymore. At some point in the last two months, you became a toddler. I never want to forget these first few months of non-babyness.

+ “Mama pretty.”

+The way you carry your Guys around. You often feel the need to carry them all at once, which means some of them get tucked under your chin, into your mouth, or hugged tightly against your chest.

+ Finding you asleep in the middle of the night, clutching one of your Guys in your fist.

+ The piano and “Do a Deer.” You know all the words.

+ The way your hand feels in mine when your being a big boy and walking. And the way you always, always grab my hand backwards.

+ Kisses through the stair rails.

+ All the words that come out of your mouth. It’s your stream of consciousness and I love having a peek inside your sweet thoughts.

+ The way being in a new city, exploring new streets, sleeping in a strange bed, don’t seem to phase you in the least.

+ Your hands and this time of almost big kid hands… but hanging on to those dimples just a little bit longer.

+ The way you dance. And laugh. And run.

+ Our walks up to the castle, and how badly you don’t want to leave.

+ The important decision that is  picking out the right diaper.

+ How you hang back on the outside of a group of kids, observing, watching. And then when you’re ready, you venture into the middle and laugh.

+ Your sweet laugh when all the adults are laughing around you.

+ The feeling of your head against my shoulder before bed.

+ Laying in your crib with you, brushing your hair with my fingers, and talking about life when you’re not quite ready for bed.

+ The way you ask for “Mama’s bed” when you’re not feeling good.

+ How grumpy you are when you wake up from your nap, as your Papa points out, just like your Mama.

+ You, walking around the pool, water up to your chin, “swimming.”

xoxo Mama

2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Want to Forget, 19 Month Style

  1. Kary Glawe

    It makes me laugh that y’all have “the guys”. We also have a group called “the guys”, but they are a pile of stuffed animals. They must read books with us, but Reed makes them stay in the chair. I’ve suggested allowing even one of the guys into the crib, but he is firm that they live in the chair.

    1. Post author

      Hahaha, these boys and their guys! That is hilarious. Harry has no issues sharing everything – his bed, his bath, his food, his water, with The Guys. XO


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