Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 11 Months

Oscar_11months-1Oscar_11months-5 Oscar_11months-14 Oscar_11months-18Oscar_11months-4

+ The squinty eye look you give me when you feel like being a little dramatic.

+ How stinking hard it is to change your diaper. Impossible. You better potty train soon.

+ Your little feet scooting blindly backwards off the bed. I especially love it when you are a little further from the edge than you thought.

+ When you come out of your room with a pacifier in your mouth because you left it close enough to the edge of your crib that you’d be able to grab it later.

+ Your little steps! I can’t believe you’re walking. And how cautious you are with your walking.

+ Your fake laugh. And your real laugh. And how much you want to make other people laugh.

+ You, crawling into Harry’s room, and then all of a sudden… the sound of banging on the piano fills the air.

+ Your little words. This, that, yes, ish (please), Mama… I love them.

+ When I take your shoes off and your little ankles turn in circles and your toes stretch.

+ How much you love animals. All is lost when Calvin walks into the room. You can’t crawl to a dog fast enough. You even kiss all the animals in your favorite book (which is your favorite because of the pictures of the animals).

+ Holding your hand while you walk along.

+ The way you look in Harry’s old clothes.

+ Your blonde hair.

+ All four of your little teeth. I miss your gummy smile sometimes, but holy cow are you cute with teeth.

+ The way you love music. I wonder if that will continue throughout life.

+ The way you just want to be one of the boys.

+ How hard it was for me, but how easy it was for you, the first night I wasn’t here to put you to bed.

+ When you get reaaaallllly tired and you rest your sweet little face against mine.

+ Your hands.

+ Oscar Paul, I’m crying writing out this list. This year has gone by all together too fast and I fear that is going to be the way of it with you. You’re independent and stubborn, ready to join in with Harry, whatever he is doing, and I love it. I’m so excited to watch you grow. You are one third of my everything, little boy.

xoxo Mama