Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 10 Months

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+ The way you lay your head in the crook of my neck anytime someone says hi and you’re feeling bashful.

+ How fast you can crawl when you really want something. And how funny it is.

+ The sleepy little giggles you give me after I put you in bed and then push my nose against your cheek and kiss you.

+ All the food in your hair. Every single meal you restyle your hair, using steak or oatmeal or applesauce as your styling gel.

+ Your sweet smile when I pull out The Going to Bed Book at naptime and bedtime.

+ When you’re all done eating and you clap your hands because you know there is something with your hands to signal you’re done, but clapping seems to get the job done.

+ The teething snuggles.

+ The way you fight so hard to get away from me when I need to change your diaper.

+ How cute your face is when you’re trying out standing on your own.

+ I’m pretty sure you’re calling everything “this” right now and I love it.

+ Imitating Harry. All day every day. Now if only we could get him to talk anything but babytalk or screams to you.

+ How happy you were at the top of Pinnacle Mountain after our hike up there.

+ Everyone is always impressed with how much you eat. I never want to forget that. You eat more than your brother!

+ The bath splashing.

+ Your arm hooked around mine, your hand hanging on tight in case I dare try to put you down.

+ All of your pacifiers and sometimes your bunny getting chucked over the sides of your crib every time you’re in there.

+ The way you snuggle right up to your bunny when it’s time to sleep.

+ How it feels when you lean back on me to read before you go to sleep.

+ You “brushing” your teeth.

+ How much you don’t feel like a baby anymore, but you definitely don’t feel like a kid yet either. You’re in between and I love it and I hate how fast it’s going, but I’ll say this much: Every day is my favorite with you.

xoxo Mama