The Crush List

.this wedding on SMP from m three studio. No joke, new second favorite wedding ever.
.a good pair of sapphire studs from Etsy. Need them? Or want them?
.brussel sprouts. Everywhere, anywhere, everytime, and anytime.
.neon ball gowns. I obsessed over this one for weeks before Jason Wu told me he designed it.
.Pinterest. For corralling all of my favorite things.
.a good blog read. Right now Project Babies, Bower Power, and Young House Love are my tops.
.the 2012 baby boom we’re experiencing. Even if I don’t get to be part of it, I love babies.
.Downton (freakin) Abbey. ‘Nuff said.
.water, water, everywhere. Especially Lake Michigan.
.tomato, mozzarella, basil sandwiches. Thank you GB.
.Michael Scott (who else misses him?) and the rest of The Office.

xoxo, M

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