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Taking Stock | R.Simple Life

Making: a house a home. Hanging beautiful art, warming up spaces with white, injecting personality in every corner.
Cooking: with what I can find here. Farmers Market = great. Grocery stores = not.
Drinking: wasser mit gas.
Reading: two very different books, neither of which I care to share the titles of. And about 3 months of blogs I need to catch up on.
Wanting: a rainy, cold, dark day filled with nothing but movies and cuddling with my two favorites.
Looking: at my skin and beauty and body routines with a magnifying glass.
Playing: house. Staying home is weird.
Wasting: hours and hours and hours on the internet. Make a girl live without it for three months, but she’ll make up for it eventually.
Wishing: for some time with my best friend and her brand new baby.
Enjoying: Harry. 19 months is the best.
Waiting: for Jon to be home this weekend.
Liking: my unfinished gallery wall. Ready to fill it.
Wondering: how we will ever fit in every trip we want to take here.
Loving: peanut butter and banana chips. Too much.
Hoping: for a relaxing night.
Marveling: at my biggest boy.
Needing: to hold the aforementioned best friend’s brand new baby.
Smelling: the lawn.
Wearing: all the clothes that don’t quite do it for me anymore. Either they don’t fit or I feel like they don’t fit, and either way, it’s a whole lot of frump.
Following: my husband’s career can be complicated. But I’ll do it forever if it means his rear end is in my view.
Noticing: cultural differences.
Knowing: how strong I am.
Thinking: a lot. Moving abroad is different than expected. Wonderful, and different.
Feeling: thankful.
Bookmarking: too many skin care products. And a million size 6 green toddler shoes.
Opening: emails. Then closing them without responding.
Giggling: at Harry and his imagination.
Feeling: calm.

xoxo Mallory

borrowed from the lovely Sydney.

One thought on “Taking Stock Simple Life Style

  1. Grandma J

    Ahhhh, you have such a way with words. I know it must be hard some days but you have the two best guys there to share it with. I hope my work can bring me close to where Oliver (Olive Oyl) is so I can take many pictures for you. Until you can see him.

    Love you! Mom


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