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Happy Birthday Oscar: One


My dearest Oscar,

I know it is cliché, but I don’t know how else to start this but I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I waited so long to meet you and yet in the blink of an eye you have gone from the baby who sleeps 20 hours a day, waking only to eat and watch your brother, to a toddler who climbs on everything and has the biggest laugh. It has been the best year, this first year, and if I’ve learned anything from being Mom to your brother, it’s only going to get better.

You are my second baby. Everything you’ve done, I’ve seen before, or so one could say. Yet, everything you do is so new to me. You are your own person in every single way. You teach me so much every day; you always surprise me. Though you love and adore your big brother, you are paving your own path, and I love that about you.

You’re stubborn as a mule and determined to boot. If you want something, nothing and no one will stop you. You will find your own way if no one will help. I love that about you. I fear it will be tough raising you at times, but I don’t worry about you. I know that one day you will be out in the world on your own and you will take care of yourself. I have no doubt about that.

Your laugh is the best. You laugh the hardest at your brothers antics, kisses from animals, and tickles on your thighs. You also have a social laugh, and have had one from a very early age, which I find to be hilarious. I believe your sense of humor is already highly developed and you will just grow funnier with age.

As independent as you are, and yes, you are very independent, you are still a mama’s boy, which warms me to no end. At the end of the day, you want to kiss me goodnight. You’re social as a butterfly, but you find solace in my presence, and I will forever be grateful to be that touchstone for you.

You love music. If you hear a piano, you stop in your tracks. You bang on the keyboard, strum the guitar, sing your little songs. Your sweet melodies are music to all of our ears and I hope you sing forever.

I believe you are destined for grand things, my Oscar boy. I am so honored and excited to be there in the front row, cheering you on, the whole time.

I love you so much Bossy.

xoxo, Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 11 Months

Oscar_11months-1Oscar_11months-5 Oscar_11months-14 Oscar_11months-18Oscar_11months-4

+ The squinty eye look you give me when you feel like being a little dramatic.

+ How stinking hard it is to change your diaper. Impossible. You better potty train soon.

+ Your little feet scooting blindly backwards off the bed. I especially love it when you are a little further from the edge than you thought.

+ When you come out of your room with a pacifier in your mouth because you left it close enough to the edge of your crib that you’d be able to grab it later.

+ Your little steps! I can’t believe you’re walking. And how cautious you are with your walking.

+ Your fake laugh. And your real laugh. And how much you want to make other people laugh.

+ You, crawling into Harry’s room, and then all of a sudden… the sound of banging on the piano fills the air.

+ Your little words. This, that, yes, ish (please), Mama… I love them.

+ When I take your shoes off and your little ankles turn in circles and your toes stretch.

+ How much you love animals. All is lost when Calvin walks into the room. You can’t crawl to a dog fast enough. You even kiss all the animals in your favorite book (which is your favorite because of the pictures of the animals).

+ Holding your hand while you walk along.

+ The way you look in Harry’s old clothes.

+ Your blonde hair.

+ All four of your little teeth. I miss your gummy smile sometimes, but holy cow are you cute with teeth.

+ The way you love music. I wonder if that will continue throughout life.

+ The way you just want to be one of the boys.

+ How hard it was for me, but how easy it was for you, the first night I wasn’t here to put you to bed.

+ When you get reaaaallllly tired and you rest your sweet little face against mine.

+ Your hands.

+ Oscar Paul, I’m crying writing out this list. This year has gone by all together too fast and I fear that is going to be the way of it with you. You’re independent and stubborn, ready to join in with Harry, whatever he is doing, and I love it. I’m so excited to watch you grow. You are one third of my everything, little boy.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 10 Months

Oscar 10 Months-12Oscar 10 Months-4Oscar 10 Months-16 Oscar 10 Months-21 Oscar 10 Months-3

+ The way you lay your head in the crook of my neck anytime someone says hi and you’re feeling bashful.

+ How fast you can crawl when you really want something. And how funny it is.

+ The sleepy little giggles you give me after I put you in bed and then push my nose against your cheek and kiss you.

+ All the food in your hair. Every single meal you restyle your hair, using steak or oatmeal or applesauce as your styling gel.

+ Your sweet smile when I pull out The Going to Bed Book at naptime and bedtime.

+ When you’re all done eating and you clap your hands because you know there is something with your hands to signal you’re done, but clapping seems to get the job done.

+ The teething snuggles.

+ The way you fight so hard to get away from me when I need to change your diaper.

+ How cute your face is when you’re trying out standing on your own.

+ I’m pretty sure you’re calling everything “this” right now and I love it.

+ Imitating Harry. All day every day. Now if only we could get him to talk anything but babytalk or screams to you.

+ How happy you were at the top of Pinnacle Mountain after our hike up there.

+ Everyone is always impressed with how much you eat. I never want to forget that. You eat more than your brother!

+ The bath splashing.

+ Your arm hooked around mine, your hand hanging on tight in case I dare try to put you down.

+ All of your pacifiers and sometimes your bunny getting chucked over the sides of your crib every time you’re in there.

+ The way you snuggle right up to your bunny when it’s time to sleep.

+ How it feels when you lean back on me to read before you go to sleep.

+ You “brushing” your teeth.

+ How much you don’t feel like a baby anymore, but you definitely don’t feel like a kid yet either. You’re in between and I love it and I hate how fast it’s going, but I’ll say this much: Every day is my favorite with you.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 9 Months

oscar_9months-25oscar_9months-21 oscar_9months-5 oscar_9months-36 oscar_9months-38

+ The way it took you nine and a half months to finally start crawling, yet how frustrated you would get when you were left sitting somewhere you didn’t want to be.

+ Your social, fake laugh.

+ How much you already look up to your brother. You’re his little parrot.

+ The Great Sleep Regression of Summer 2016. You immediately forgot how to sleep through the night when we landed on US soil and continued that trend for over a month.

+ Your clap. And the way you drop everything to start clapping when someone says “Yay!”

+ Your hilarious wave. “Haaaaaaaa!”

+ The open mouthed kisses.

+ How good you are with other people. You let them hold you, you smile and laugh, you’re so polite. Until you see Mama, and then you’d scratch someone’s eyes out (nicely) to get to me.

+ Your napping and how good you are about it. You’re so laid back. You’ll fall asleep in the car, wake up to eat and socialize, and then go back down when I put you down for a real nap.

+ The way you look at the ocean. You loved every minute of those big waves rolling in.

+ How hard it was to keep all the rocks out of your mouth at the beach.

+ Your big, chubby cheeks fully peeking out of that too-small bucket hat. The only hat you will keep on your head.

+ Dancing with you at Uncle Charlie and Auntie Christie’s wedding.

+ How much food you eat. SO MUCH FOOD.

+ When you give in just a little and snuggle up in the wrap while we walk. But only when you’re tired.

+ How happy you are. You are seriously one of the happiest, sweetest, good-est babies ever, and we are so lucky to have you to round out our little family.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 8 Months

Oscar_8months-3 Oscar_8months-12 Oscar_8months-17 Oscar_8months-7

+ Your thin, but long, swoopy hair and how light it is.

+ The “warning laugh.” You may be laughing now, but it’s going to turn bad in a minute.

+ The sweet way you lay your head on my shoulder when someone new is talking to you. Shy boy.

+ How you love to go on solo runs with me and just take it all in.

+ The singing. I love your little voice.

+ The way you never want to stop moving. You always want to be watching something.

+ How independent you already are.

+ Yet, how much you want me nearby all the time.

+ The way you throw yourself into my arms when someone else has been holding you for a while.

+ How happy and content you are when you’re playing with someone else, but the minute you see me the “warning laugh” emerges.

+ How happy and content you are.

+ The whispy hairs on the back of your head.

+ How much food you put away. So much food.

+ The way you love me. And how much I love you. So much it almost hurts.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 7 Months


+ The babbling. I could listen to you practice talking all day.

+ Your “Sup?” nod.

+ Your deep, slow bow. And the way you keep eye contact out of the top of your head the whole time.

+ The little noises you make when you wake up and realize you rolled over onto your stomach in the middle of the night and you don’t want to be like that anymore.

+ How much you want to see the world and everything around you.

+ The way you practically throw yourself at me when I walk up after someone else has been holding you.

+ Your pouty lip.

+ The way you feel in the middle of the night after you’ve fallen back to sleep nursing. Heavy and limp, warm and big, with your sweet cheek smooshed into my arm.

+ What a champ you were on our very busy trip to Colorado.

+ This gummy smile. I don’t think we’ll have it much longer.

+ The way your whole face crinkles when you smile. I hope you never lose that.

+ How much you love food, meat specifically, and even more specifically, steak.

+ Nursing. You’re already showing signs of losing interest in the name of solid food, and though I know you still need me, I’m starting to feel the loss already.

+ Your apparent left handedness. I wonder if it’ll stick!

+ The sucking on your bottom lip.

+ The way you light up, calm down, or simply listen when you hear the piano.

+ Your enthusiasm when you get to play the piano.

+ Your insistency that you must have whatever food I’m eating.

+ These days when Harry is at school and you and I have a quiet, slower pace, just the two of us. I love you Boss.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 6 Months


+ “Mamamamama” and the way your lips keep moving even when you’re done talking.

+ That hug you give me every time I pick you up from the changing table.

+ Your goofy grin and how your whole mouth opens as wide as can be when you’re happy, which is about 90% of the time.

+ Waking up next to you, our foreheads together.

+ How brave you are when I wash your hair.

+ You eating. You love solids, dude. And the very first time you ever had steak – you sucked on it, chewed it to pieces, and rubbed it all over your face.

+ How happy you are when I come into your room after a nap.

+ The way your whole face lights up when your brother enters the room.

+ How hard you were laughing with Harry when he was “nom noming” you.

+ Your little Irish jig in the exersaucer.

+ Your whispy hairs.

+ These sad yell-cries you do when you’re sick and uncomfortable.

+ The way your body shakes just the slightest bit right when you wake up. Like you’re slowly coming out of a dream.

+ How I know you’re asleep in your crib when you roll over onto your side and tilt your face up.

+ The way you explore right now. You’re very interested in the world around you and love to play with everything within your reach.

+ Your laugh. Oooh, your laugh.

+ The way your head feels on my shoulder when you’re really, really tired (which is about the only time you put it there).

+ Your sweet little smile when I wear you. Everytime you look up into my face you smile like it’s the coolest thing ever that we get to hug while we walk around.

+ Sink baths.

+ The two to three inches of skin popping out of pretty much every pair of pants you own. I swear they fit you just yesterday.

+ Your intense interest in the piano.

+ How your left hand seems to be dominant. I wonder if it’ll stay that way.

+ The months we’ve had as “young baby.” They’re coming to a close and it’s bittersweet to me. I love watching you grow and discover the world around you, but I can’t believe you’re not my tiny little boy anymore. I love you buddy.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Five Months


+ When I kiss the spot right next to your eye, if you’re even remotely tired, your eyes will start to close.

+ “Ooohmma.”

+ The way your little hands hold on to Papa’s cheeks

+ The face you make when you try a new food. It looks like nothing but disgust, but you keep on trying that food!

+ The way you smell after a bath.

+ The way you smell before a bath.

+ When you’re tired and heavy and you sink right into my arms.

+ Your sideways smirk when someone worthy of your attention is across the room.

+ How you rest your forehead on my face when you get tired.

+ The light taps you give your own head when you’re nursing.

+ Your smile.

+ How independent you already are.

+ The way you stand so big and tall, yet seem so tiny in that stance.

+ You only roll over when you feel like it. Which isn’t often.

+ You, all snuggled up with Mama’s blanket instead of doing tummy time.

+ The way you very excitedly snuggle all of your brother’s stuffed buddies.

+ The way you look at Harry.

+ The happy/impatient laughing/grunting that rides the edge between laughter and utter meltdown when you’re hungry and you know it’s coming.

+ How you suck on your lower lip.

+ Those belly laughs and how hard I work for them.

+ Your arms, which never stop moving.

+ How much you love to look at yourself in the mirror. I hope you’re always as happy with that reflection as you are right now.

I love you buddy boy.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 4 Months

Oscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 Months+ Your morning dinosaur calls. And when you wake up saying “hiiiiii!”

+ The way your mouth opens to it’s fullest when you want a kiss.

+ Your laugh. It’s so great.

+ Holding hands with you early in the morning.

+ This stage of the four month sleep regression when you really, really want to nap longer than 30 minutes, so you fall asleep on me more often than not, right after waking up.

+ The look in your eyes as you take in everything your brother does.

+ When you clasp your hands together because you simply must have a hand to hold.

+ How you fling your buddies around and smootch them.

+ The amazement in your face as we read books.

+ The way your body feels in my arms.

+ How you prefer to sleep cradled in my arms, and not on my shoulder, thank you very much.

+ When I wear you in a carrier, the way your tiny little arms push against me, not to get away, but just to make sure you can see everything.

+ The way you smirk and smile out of the corner of your eye when you see your Papa across the room.

+ How quick you are to smile for me.

+ Your voice. It’s gravely and low but can reach such high pitches when you’re really excited to be talking.

+ The way you can lie on your activity mat contentedly for such a long time.

+ Your sweet little legs and how strong they are, pushing you up when you’re in the exersaucer or my hands.

+ How I can hold your whole tiny being with one arm.

+ The joy you bring me and your Papa every single day. I love you Boss.

xoxo Mama


Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 3 Months

Oscar, Three MonthsOscar Three MonthsOscar Three MonthsOscar Three Months

+ The ease in which you fall asleep if I’m holding your hand.

+ The flailing arms when you’re in between sleep and awake.

+ Your giant, gummy, beautiful smile that lights up your whole face.

+ Your milk-scented breath.

+ How strong your legs are when you’re trying to stand up.

+ All the talking, babbling, squealing, and happy little noises. And the shape your lips form when you’re really trying to talk.

+ The weight of your little body in my arms when I’m rocking you to sleep.

+ How 7pm means bedtime. Regardless of late naps, exciting surroundings, happy giggles. Bedtime is bedtime.

+ The way you calm right down at the sound of my voice.

+ How you fall asleep the minute you’re moving in your carseat.

+ This time of discovery when you’re trying so hard to grasp toys and when you figure out how to coordinate your fist to hit one, you do it over and over.

+ The way you are growing out of everything SO FAST.

+ How you look at your brother.

+ How happy you are, almost all the time.

+ Your little nursing noises.

+ The way you smile at me instead of eating sometimes. Even when you’re hungry, you always remember to stop and smile at me.

+ These early days that seem to go by way too fast. I can’t believe you’re already three months old. I can’t believe it’s been three months since I held you inside my belly. Slow down, little one. I don’t know if I can handle how fast time is moving!

Love, Mama