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Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 2 Years + 10 Months

Things I Don't Want to Forget | R.Simple LifeThings I Don't Want to Forget | R.Simple Life

+ Your voice when you sing. It’s so cute… and so bad.

+ How excited you get when I sneak into your room for extra snuggles, and the way you pet my head while I lay next to you.

+ The constant requests for “fast as a speeder bike!” when we’re running.

+ The Darth Vader theme at all times. Especially when you are trying to make your brother happy.

+ Everything you name right now is named Ted.

+ Your hands covering your ears whenever something is too loud.

+ The way you can put away a large meatball platter at Ikea, no problem.

+ Your jokes. They’re so good.

+ “May I have to…” all the time. So polite, yet still so little.

+ The moment after an epic meltdown when you’re calm and happy, like someone switched a light.

+ You trying to trade Dottie for Oscar’s Monkey pacifier. Good try, little buddy.

+ When you talk to your guys and buddies like we talk to you.

+ The way you put your underwear on. Never the right way, though there seem to be limitless possibilities.

+ Your constant need for the most attention. I wish I could give it to you, but even more so I wish it was easier and less painful for you to learn you can’t always have it.

+ This time of adjustment. It’s tough buddy. You have lots of tantrums, lots of meltdowns, lots of yelling and tears. But I understand. It’s hard on you too. You’re dealing with jealousy and probably a little sadness. You’re unsure of the changing environment. You are unsure of your own feelings, and how to express them. I want to remember this partially because it’s the hardest time in my short parenting life so far, but partially because I want to remember how you work though this and are able to overcome. I know we’ll get there. Let’s keep on trucking together.

I love you. Mama

Green Shoes

Green ShoesGreen ShoesGreen Shoes

Naively, I was sure I’d have at least 2-3 Halloweens that I got to choose the costume. That aside from being particular about hats or gloves or shirts that fit funny, Harry wouldn’t be very particular about what he was wearing. I was wrong. Not only has he been 100% sure of what he wants to be for Halloween for over a month, but he know what he wants to wear (or what he doesn’t want to wear) every single day. And when it was time for a new pair of tennis shoes to replace the beloved Nikes, Harry was set on a pair of green shoes. Call it what you will, but I was hellbent to find a cute pair of green shoes for the kid. And found them I did. The kid gets more compliments on these shoes than I do on a months worth of carefully planned out outfits.

xoxo Mallory

Harry Does Pumpkin Fest

Harry does Pumpkin Fest | R.Simple LifeHarry does Pumpkin Fest | R.Simple Lifeharry_pumpkin_fest

There was pumpkin juice and pumpkin wine and pumpkin soup and pumpkins for picking, but this kid had the most fun with the piles of hay and Charlie the golden retriever under the table.

xoxo Mallory

Local tip: The Hitscherhof Pumpkin Festival was this weekend! Not too far, wonderful food, lots of pumpkins and pumpkin food/drink, a corn maze, and a big field of hay for the kids to play in. A definite must! Keep an eye out for it next fall.

And With One Sweater, Suddenly it’s Fall

And With a Sweater, Fall is Here | R.Simple LifeAnd With One Sweater, Suddenly it's Fall | R.Simple LifeAnd With One Sweater, Suddenly it's Fall | R.Simple LifeAnd With One Sweater, Suddenly it's Fall | R.Simple Life

It’s August 22nd and people all over the world are mourning the end of Summer. I can’t help but think, “No, not yet. It’s not even September! We still have months of summer!” but in the end, it’s sweaters like this one, Harry’s “Mama Blankie Sweater,” that have shown me I am living in a different world than I’ve been used to.

Harry won’t take this sweater off. He loves it, and who can blame him? It’s so soft and cozy and he looks like the most ridiculously cute 19 month old fisherman in it. This particular evening, I tried to take it off him so he wouldn’t be too warm, and his insistence that it remain on his tiny body illuminated the yellow showing up in the tree line, the earlier sunset, and the chill that hangs around a little later in the morning and shows up a little earlier in the evening. He showed me that fall was on it’s way.

As the girl who lived in a perpetual summer for 4 years, I’m excited for the change of seasons, but I can’t help but mourn the end of summer the smallest bit. I would have never guessed I would feel this way, but with a 19 month old, you see the joys in summer you’ve lost sight of in the Southern heat. The ease of walking up to the castle at 7:30PM, not worrying about the layers you must pile on, or the sun disappearing hours before. Waking up after the sun, even at 6AM, and feeling energized in a way you never can when you beat the sun up. Wearing a dress without tights and feeling the warm summer air dancing on your legs. Watching your child dance in the summer heat, running as fast as his legs will take him, exploring and finding every single flower to stop and smell.

I’m ready for you Fall, but that doesn’t mean I’m not already looking forward to you, Summer 2015.

And With One Sweater, Suddenly it's Fall | R.Simple Life

xoxo Mallory