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30 Days of Thanks: Day 30


Today I am thankful for my body. For eyes that see so much beauty in the world – but also see hurt and suffering. Because then I can something about it. For a nose that can smell warm, baked apples with cinnamon from a mile away. For my mouth that can taste wonders, speak very big things, and can stay shut at the most worthy of moments. For my legs that carry me to where I need to go, be it running, walking, biking or sitting. For my feet, for they can run marathons, climb mountains, and play footsie with my husband. For my hands that can hold on to the most important things. For my arms that can wrap around my loves. For a stomach that fancies chocolate, cheese, bread, and cereal most. For the muscles I work so hard to maintain and build, which are my strength when they need to be. For my heart that pumps the blood I need to every inch of my body, and holds so many people, places, and secrets.

There has never been a time in my life that I have been more aware of my body and the wonders it can do. Right now it is growing another human being. My son. Providing him with nourishment to grow, protection from the outside world, warmth to keep him smiling, and a sense of safety I hope I can always give to him. There have been times when I have been frustrated with the changes in my body in these last 9 months, but mostly, I’m just so thankful for everything my body does.

I know not everyone is as lucky as I am. Some people cannot see. Some people cannot walk. Some people cannot grow a child. So today, on our final of the 30 Days of Thanks, I am ever grateful for my body.

xoxo, Mallory

30 Days of Thanks: Day 14

There are days when it is the bane of my existence, the distraction I really don’t need, something that just doesn’t live up to my hopes, but today I am thankful for the internet. It makes keeping in touch with people all over the world as easy as logging into your email (or Facebook). It is full of inspiration (or Pinspiration) for health, house, and home (and so many other things). It makes it possible for us to not only not pay for cable, but not have to be in front of our TV when our favorite shows are on. It makes projects easier, research quicker, and puts a wealth of knowledge (and some not so smarty pants stuff) at my finger tips. And, best of all, it gives me a job that I absolutely love.

So thank you internet, for being so great (even while being so frustrating). What are you thankful for today?

xoxo, Mallory

Behind the Scenes: 16 Weeks

As you may know, we are in the process of moving. Yesterday, movers were here packing up all our belongings, while I kept Calvin away from all the boxes so he wouldn’t get packed up after curling up in a new dark place to sleep, and today they are emptying our house into a truck. I don’t know when I’ll see all my things again.

I’ve been working in our bedroom, amongst all the boxes and things we will be bringing with us to sit in a Uhaul while we live in a hotel for up to 10 days while our new house is being cleaned, repainted, and inspected.

When I set up the tripod (oh, here is the answer to the biggest question I get about my weekly photos – “Who takes the pictures?” Me! With my tripod) yesterday for the photo sesh, it was more than a little comical. So I thought I’d share the chaos that is our life for at least 2 weeks.

All I can say is thank goodness we’ll be there before I’m too far along in this pregnancy. I’ll have plenty of time to unpack, clean, and finally set up the nursery!

xoxo, Mallory

Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend we went camping. Arkansas is home to lots of gorgeous nature and DeGray Lake is no exception. It’s a huge, beautiful lake with a resort right in the middle. Great secluded campground. And no alligators (which, yes, is a concern around here).

We had to leave Calvin behind for the weekend, and walking out to the car I turned around for one last peek into the house and saw him sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Like a total sweetheart. Love that cat. Even if I do have to kick him out of my room at 2am because his kisses and cuddles are keeping me up.

xoxo, Mallory