Snapshots of the Weekend

This weekend pretty much sped by. Does anyone else feel like they need a day in between Saturday and Sunday? I would use it to clean and paint my toenails. What about you?


My mom came down this weekend for a visit. It included lots of cooking and cleaning (thanks mom!) and infinite amounts of reading, swinging, singing, and laughing with this kid. And maybe a few too many grandma snuggles when Harry just wanted to explore. But that’s what grandma’s are for, right? (At least, that’s what she’d tell you 😉


I threw a baby shower for a good friend of mine here this weekend (thus all the cooking and cleaning). But I was a really bad blogger and took zero pictures. I did remember to snap this one of my favorite baby shower game AFTER the party was over and I had already cleaned up the super pretty dessert table underneath. Whoops. I’ll work on being a better blogger.


And of course, there was a lot of time just spent with this kid. The best kind of time. In fact, he held me down and gave me kisses Sunday morning. I was in heaven.

How was your weekend?

xoxo, Mallory

2 thoughts on “Snapshots of the Weekend

  1. Wendy

    This weekend we moved into the house we bought less than a mile away from the ocean on the Olympic Peninsula. Being a good set of married Navy brats, you might think we have it all unpacked.

    Nope, less than 12 hours after unloading the moving truck (in a furious storm), I was tearing out the built ins while Scott and Susanna slept. This morning I continued to burn them. (I started last night.)

    That was my weekend!


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