Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend we went camping. Arkansas is home to lots of gorgeous nature and DeGray Lake is no exception. It’s a huge, beautiful lake with a resort right in the middle. Great secluded campground. And no alligators (which, yes, is a concern around here).

We had to leave Calvin behind for the weekend, and walking out to the car I turned around for one last peek into the house and saw him sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Like a total sweetheart. Love that cat. Even if I do have to kick him out of my room at 2am because his kisses and cuddles are keeping me up.

xoxo, Mallory

One thought on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. Amy

    OH, I hate leaving pets. It’s so easy to do with cats, too. Camping sounds absolutely lovely, by the way. I’m living vicariously through your trip!


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