Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 6 Months


+ “Mamamamama” and the way your lips keep moving even when you’re done talking.

+ That hug you give me every time I pick you up from the changing table.

+ Your goofy grin and how your whole mouth opens as wide as can be when you’re happy, which is about 90% of the time.

+ Waking up next to you, our foreheads together.

+ How brave you are when I wash your hair.

+ You eating. You love solids, dude. And the very first time you ever had steak – you sucked on it, chewed it to pieces, and rubbed it all over your face.

+ How happy you are when I come into your room after a nap.

+ The way your whole face lights up when your brother enters the room.

+ How hard you were laughing with Harry when he was “nom noming” you.

+ Your little Irish jig in the exersaucer.

+ Your whispy hairs.

+ These sad yell-cries you do when you’re sick and uncomfortable.

+ The way your body shakes just the slightest bit right when you wake up. Like you’re slowly coming out of a dream.

+ How I know you’re asleep in your crib when you roll over onto your side and tilt your face up.

+ The way you explore right now. You’re very interested in the world around you and love to play with everything within your reach.

+ Your laugh. Oooh, your laugh.

+ The way your head feels on my shoulder when you’re really, really tired (which is about the only time you put it there).

+ Your sweet little smile when I wear you. Everytime you look up into my face you smile like it’s the coolest thing ever that we get to hug while we walk around.

+ Sink baths.

+ The two to three inches of skin popping out of pretty much every pair of pants you own. I swear they fit you just yesterday.

+ Your intense interest in the piano.

+ How your left hand seems to be dominant. I wonder if it’ll stay that way.

+ The months we’ve had as “young baby.” They’re coming to a close and it’s bittersweet to me. I love watching you grow and discover the world around you, but I can’t believe you’re not my tiny little boy anymore. I love you buddy.

xoxo Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 3.1 Years


+ The way you talk, and talk, and talk, and sing, and shout, and kick, and jump, and play all the way through your “rest.”

+ How sensitive you still are. Example: you cried, multiple times, while watching Inside Out the first time. I love that.

+ When you looked at me eaaaarly one morning while we were watching Alvin and the Chipmunks on the couch in an attempt to let the other men of the house sleep and said “I love this date night.”

+ How much you love “date nights.”

+ The meatballs. You can easily, easily put away 20 meatballs in one sitting.

+ Your smooches.

+ Your puppy dog voice.

+ The way every piece of furniture can become a train or a Millennium Falcon.

+ “I don’t want to tell you.” when you know your going to incriminate yourself.

+ “Mama, I don’t want you to look at this.” when you know you’re about to do something bad.

+ The other day when I finished getting Oscar to sleep and I came out to find you in a coat you had never shown interest in, looking like you had done something wrong, asking me to call you Han Solo and put a Panda in your pocket.

+ Your innocent, curious questions about death.

+ Finding your toys everywhere. It drives me insane, but it’s the kind of thing I waited my whole life for.

+ When you walk into a room wearing my shoes. Always my shoes. Never Papas.

+ “Luke the puppy dog” in your homemade ears and tail, painted on nose, and paws made out of Papa’s socks.

+ This growth spurt which has caused you to nap again (!) and become a bottomless pit.

Love you buddy, Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Five Months


+ When I kiss the spot right next to your eye, if you’re even remotely tired, your eyes will start to close.

+ “Ooohmma.”

+ The way your little hands hold on to Papa’s cheeks

+ The face you make when you try a new food. It looks like nothing but disgust, but you keep on trying that food!

+ The way you smell after a bath.

+ The way you smell before a bath.

+ When you’re tired and heavy and you sink right into my arms.

+ Your sideways smirk when someone worthy of your attention is across the room.

+ How you rest your forehead on my face when you get tired.

+ The light taps you give your own head when you’re nursing.

+ Your smile.

+ How independent you already are.

+ The way you stand so big and tall, yet seem so tiny in that stance.

+ You only roll over when you feel like it. Which isn’t often.

+ You, all snuggled up with Mama’s blanket instead of doing tummy time.

+ The way you very excitedly snuggle all of your brother’s stuffed buddies.

+ The way you look at Harry.

+ The happy/impatient laughing/grunting that rides the edge between laughter and utter meltdown when you’re hungry and you know it’s coming.

+ How you suck on your lower lip.

+ Those belly laughs and how hard I work for them.

+ Your arms, which never stop moving.

+ How much you love to look at yourself in the mirror. I hope you’re always as happy with that reflection as you are right now.

I love you buddy boy.

xoxo Mama

Happy Birthday Harry (Three Years!)

Harry, 3 years oldHarry, 3 years oldHarry_3_years-17Harry_3_years-29Harry, 3 years oldHarry, 3 years oldReally, where did the time go? Who decided it was nice to speed time up the second you have a baby? How is my baby three years old?!

I remember January 9, 2013 like it was yesterday. I remember the excitement, the trepidation, the pain, and then the extreme elation. The joy that I’d never known before. The immense love. The love that stopped me in my tracks. The day I became a mom.

My buddy is three years old now. He’ll tell you. He’s “free.” He’ll hold up three fingers, after pushing down two with the other hand, and smirk proudly. He’s a big boy – maybe even bigger than he realizes. He still holds that part of my heart that he stole so many years ago.

His voice is sweet and high pitched. I never want to forget the way it sounds, especially when he says “I love you, Mama!” like he’s asking a very exciting question. His big feet are always out of shoes, out of socks. His hair is still as unruly as ever and I love it. Somehow, he smells fruity all the time.

He loves trains and planes and busses. He adores animals — stuffed, plastic, and breathing. Puddles are magnets to him. And he loves to quote all things Star Wars. In fact, he just loves all things Star Wars. Han Solo is often doing naughty things in our house, yet somehow Harry is the only one to ever see him.

He takes apart my house daily and it breaks my heart in such a great way when I find something he put away for me. Books backwards, shoes piled on other shoes, toys tossed next to baskets. He tells me often he wants to “take apart houses and then put them back together to make them prettier.” He loves Fixer Upper, and Marley & Me, and Elf, and Thomas.

He’s sweet as can be. Sometimes he engulfs me in a bear hug. When his brother is upset, he’ll often go over to give him his monkey, or sing him a song, or just tell him everything is okay. He holds my hand without my coaxing. He is the most sensitive little boy and his empathy levels are off the charts.

He’s curious. Always taking things apart, asking for help to put them back together. He wants to know why, how, when, where. He loves to talk things through. You can almost see the gears in his head moving.

This little love is my heart. He shares it, of course, but woah I love him. He is growing into such an amazing little boy. A boy I am proud of and a boy I hope his brother will learn from. A boy who reminds me a lot of his father, who I loved first. I feel so lucky to be along on this ride and I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in store for three.

I love you Harry, happy birthday!

xoxo Mallory


Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 4 Months

Oscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 MonthsOscar, 4 Months+ Your morning dinosaur calls. And when you wake up saying “hiiiiii!”

+ The way your mouth opens to it’s fullest when you want a kiss.

+ Your laugh. It’s so great.

+ Holding hands with you early in the morning.

+ This stage of the four month sleep regression when you really, really want to nap longer than 30 minutes, so you fall asleep on me more often than not, right after waking up.

+ The look in your eyes as you take in everything your brother does.

+ When you clasp your hands together because you simply must have a hand to hold.

+ How you fling your buddies around and smootch them.

+ The amazement in your face as we read books.

+ The way your body feels in my arms.

+ How you prefer to sleep cradled in my arms, and not on my shoulder, thank you very much.

+ When I wear you in a carrier, the way your tiny little arms push against me, not to get away, but just to make sure you can see everything.

+ The way you smirk and smile out of the corner of your eye when you see your Papa across the room.

+ How quick you are to smile for me.

+ Your voice. It’s gravely and low but can reach such high pitches when you’re really excited to be talking.

+ The way you can lie on your activity mat contentedly for such a long time.

+ Your sweet little legs and how strong they are, pushing you up when you’re in the exersaucer or my hands.

+ How I can hold your whole tiny being with one arm.

+ The joy you bring me and your Papa every single day. I love you Boss.

xoxo Mama


Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Almost Three

Harry, Almost 3Harry, Almost 3Harry, Almost 3+ Your jokes. And they way you giggle and ask “What did I say?” after we laugh when you were inadvertently funny.

+ Your steel trap mind. You don’t forget anything.

+ The way your imagination takes off and all of a sudden you’re Marley with a hat, or your bed is the Millennium Falcon, or you’re making coconut butter with Oscar’s monkey.

+ Your tiny hand in my hand.

+ “That was a fart.”

+ All the apples with little bite marks in them. ALL THE APPLES.

+ Your insistence that Mickey Mouse needs a diaper change from Minnie.

+ When you’re in your bed but not tired. And all the shenanigans that ensue.

+ Your constant petting of Christmas trees.

+ How sensitive you are. You cried when you realized Darth Vader died. Or Marley. Or Yoda. Or our Christmas tree.

+ Your extreme introversion. It takes you a full week to recover from houseguests.

+ How much you love cereal. And meatballs.

+ Your tiny little butt.

+ When you ask for double snuggles at bed time.

+ How much you love to read. And trains. You love all trains.

+ The way you assume everyone has toys at their house “No, I’ll just play with Mr. Chris and Dr. Amanda’s toys.”

+ All. The. Bandaids.

+ And. The. Cotton. Balls.

+ When you get so frustrated and you just don’t know what to do so it comes out in a scream or a yell or you crumple to the ground. It’s so hard to see you so upset my love, but I am so grateful that I get to be here to walk you through this stage of life. You’re learning a lot every day and having a LOT of fun along the way.

Love, Mama


Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 3 Months

Oscar, Three MonthsOscar Three MonthsOscar Three MonthsOscar Three Months

+ The ease in which you fall asleep if I’m holding your hand.

+ The flailing arms when you’re in between sleep and awake.

+ Your giant, gummy, beautiful smile that lights up your whole face.

+ Your milk-scented breath.

+ How strong your legs are when you’re trying to stand up.

+ All the talking, babbling, squealing, and happy little noises. And the shape your lips form when you’re really trying to talk.

+ The weight of your little body in my arms when I’m rocking you to sleep.

+ How 7pm means bedtime. Regardless of late naps, exciting surroundings, happy giggles. Bedtime is bedtime.

+ The way you calm right down at the sound of my voice.

+ How you fall asleep the minute you’re moving in your carseat.

+ This time of discovery when you’re trying so hard to grasp toys and when you figure out how to coordinate your fist to hit one, you do it over and over.

+ The way you are growing out of everything SO FAST.

+ How you look at your brother.

+ How happy you are, almost all the time.

+ Your little nursing noises.

+ The way you smile at me instead of eating sometimes. Even when you’re hungry, you always remember to stop and smile at me.

+ These early days that seem to go by way too fast. I can’t believe you’re already three months old. I can’t believe it’s been three months since I held you inside my belly. Slow down, little one. I don’t know if I can handle how fast time is moving!

Love, Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 2 Years + 10 Months

Things I Don't Want to Forget | R.Simple LifeThings I Don't Want to Forget | R.Simple Life

+ Your voice when you sing. It’s so cute… and so bad.

+ How excited you get when I sneak into your room for extra snuggles, and the way you pet my head while I lay next to you.

+ The constant requests for “fast as a speeder bike!” when we’re running.

+ The Darth Vader theme at all times. Especially when you are trying to make your brother happy.

+ Everything you name right now is named Ted.

+ Your hands covering your ears whenever something is too loud.

+ The way you can put away a large meatball platter at Ikea, no problem.

+ Your jokes. They’re so good.

+ “May I have to…” all the time. So polite, yet still so little.

+ The moment after an epic meltdown when you’re calm and happy, like someone switched a light.

+ You trying to trade Dottie for Oscar’s Monkey pacifier. Good try, little buddy.

+ When you talk to your guys and buddies like we talk to you.

+ The way you put your underwear on. Never the right way, though there seem to be limitless possibilities.

+ Your constant need for the most attention. I wish I could give it to you, but even more so I wish it was easier and less painful for you to learn you can’t always have it.

+ This time of adjustment. It’s tough buddy. You have lots of tantrums, lots of meltdowns, lots of yelling and tears. But I understand. It’s hard on you too. You’re dealing with jealousy and probably a little sadness. You’re unsure of the changing environment. You are unsure of your own feelings, and how to express them. I want to remember this partially because it’s the hardest time in my short parenting life so far, but partially because I want to remember how you work though this and are able to overcome. I know we’ll get there. Let’s keep on trucking together.

I love you. Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Month Two


+ Your grunty laugh. It’s not quite a belly buster yet, but it’s deep and sweet as can be.

+ Your beautiful, beautiful dark blue eyes.

+ The way your hand rests on my heart when you’re eating.

+ When you’re so sure you’ve got the head holding thing down, and then you lose control and wiggle back and forth. Headbanger.

+ How much you love diaper changes. And looking at me in the mirror.

+ The way you pull your arms and legs tight against your body in the bath.

+ When you spread your arms wide and try to find something, anything to grab.

+ The way you smile and roll your eyes up every time I kiss you. And the way you open your mouth, waiting for the kiss, when you know it’s coming.

+ How warm you are next to me in the middle of the night.

+ The sweet, sleepy smile you give me as you drift back into sleep after our nighttime feedings.

+ Your nighttime schedule.

+ Those little toes. And your hands, which are tiny little clones of mine.

+The intensity in which you watch black and white patterns. And the way you find them funny sometimes.

+ When you look at me because you’re unsure or possibly a little bit frightened.

+ The grasp when you hold my hand tight.

+ The way your whole face breaks into smile. It’s the best.

+ Also, that one sided smirk.

+ The way your mouth is shaped when you’re talking to me.

+ How every morning I wake up with more and more and more love in my heart for you. I love being your mama and you have rounded out this family perfectly.

xoxo, Mama

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: One Month


+ Your squishy cheeks and how much I want to kiss them and smoosh them all the time.

+ The sweet noises you make when you sleep. And the loud grunts too.

+ The way your body feels when you’re stretching every single muscle you have.

+ How warm your body is when you’re snuggling up to me.

+ Your long fingers.

+ The way your root around, so sure that the milk comes from the back of your hand. And how frustrated you get when it doesn’t.

+ The way you look into my eyes.

+ Your sweet body all curled up on my shoulder.

+ Your little body twitches. You’re like a sleepy little puppy.

+ How stiff your cute nose is.

+ All the sleeping, and how you definitely sleep the best in my arms.

+ The way your toes stretch all the way out when your legs are bare.

+ How you stop fussing when I start singing.

+ This early time of indescribable love where I just feel warm and happy and joyed while I watch you just be.

xoxo Mama