No Internet, No Problem (Sike!)

Elizabeth Chocolate in Belgium | R.Simple Life

Hey guys. Mallory of R.Simple Life here. Remember me? I blogged here for like two years and then moved to Germany and disappeared (that’s me with the green purse and drool)? Well, Germany has brought about a great number of pleasures as well as a few unwelcome surprises, and top of the list of unwelcome surprises is the fact that apparently it can take 3+ months to get internet. You read that right, I have no internet, still. And I really don’t want to talk about it. (Unless you want to, Telecom…)

Anyway, we’re still here, alive and happy. Happy as can be, really. Germany is beautiful and we’re having a blast. And I promise, promise as soon as we enter the year 2000, I will be back – though I can’t promise my blog won’t have turned into a LiveJournal by then.

Thanks for holding out. I’ve got so much to tell you about when I come back. We’ve been to Versailles, Brussels, Heidelberg, and we’re going to Switzerland next weekend. I have officially been spoiled on chocolate (picture taken at my favorite Belgian chocolate shop).

xoxo Mallory

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