Nani Nani, Singing Jack Johnson

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Here’s the thing about this kid, Harry. Every single day, every phase, every year, I think “This is it. This is the best.” And then the next day comes and I realize it just keeps getting better, to infinity. There will be “best” days and there will be “not so best” days with him, with us, with me, but every day is better and more exciting and more fun.

The latest? His long, funeral march, drawn out, monotone version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It always starts with an “Mmmhmm” because he’s singing the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version and then hops right into “Soooooommmewhereeeee, overtherainboooow… wayUPhiiiigh” and it kills me. Every time. Jon heard it for the first time the other night when we were out for a family walk after dinner and as it went on and on and on, we were out of his view behind the stroller, silently convulsing with laughter. The singing lately, it’s good. Greatest hits good. (Speaking of greatest hits, some of his other chart toppers include Jack Johnson, ABC’s, Jingle Bells, and the Sesame Street theme song.)

xoxo Mallory

5 thoughts on “Nani Nani, Singing Jack Johnson

  1. Wendy

    Absolutely agree with the “best” stages being now.

    Often, because Scott moved his office into our bedroom and works late, I find myself crashed next to Susanna on the daybed. (Maybe that’s due to pregnancy exhaustion after a long swim, too.)

    When she awakes, she points to every body part and we must identify in Spanish before continuing. Every now and then we sneak in a song, often in Afrikaans to keep it moving. Because, truly, everyone loves singing “Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg” over and over!

  2. Donna

    This just brings floods of memories of a boy 30 years ago!! I can hear it now “sunny days chasin the clouds away, on my way to where the air is kean….”! thanks for sharing!1


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