More Things Never to Forget

Things to Remember, 17 Months | R.Simple Life

+ “Edy” (pronounced: Ee-dee). It’s what you call yourself.

+ The feeling of your little hands grabbing the sides of my face when you want to come in for a kiss.

+ The temper that is so close to the surface right now. I don’t particularly like it, but I don’t want to forget it.

+ Your little engineering mind. Snaps and buckles and tools are the favorite toys right now.

+ The way you squatted right down next to Frau Veronica and helped her put together her bench.

+ Your fake laugh. And while we’re at it, your fake cry.

+ How one kiss from Mama can make everything all better.

+ “Noo?” Even when I want you to say yes, when you say “Noo?” with a question in your voice, I melt a little bit inside.

+ Your back rubs.

+ Your voice when you sing. Well really, just your voice. It’s so sweet.

+ How much you love and seem to think you need “e-d-ent” (deodorant).

+ The first words out of your mouth when I come in to get you in the morning. “Peanut butter banana.” Always.

+ Your funny little happy, dancing feet.

+ The way you slept soundly on me the whole flight from Baltimore to Germany. And then the next night when you needed to sleep on top of me in bed too. I never want to forget the weight of your little body sleeping on mine.

+ Every single flower is an opportunity to stop and smell. You’d spend your whole day smelling flowers if I’d let you.

+ How, at 2AM the other night, you woke up with a little fever and a big toothache, asked for medicine, then dates and peanut butter banana, and watched Frozen. At 2 o’clock in the morning.

+ How much you love balloons. (“BA-oons”)

+ “Two, Un, Two, Un, Two, Done.”

+ The way you smile your cheesiest smile at me, and shrug your shoulder my way. And then say “Love you too Ama.”

Love you Edy.

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