More Things I Never Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | More Things I don't want to forget

+ How warm the back of your head is on my cheek when you’re asleep on my shoulder. Also, how heavy you are on my chest.

+ That everything is fair game. Everything is something to play with. And you always need to be playing with something.

+ The way you light up when you see swings. They don’t even have to be swings we’ve ever been to. You know they are swings, and you want to go to them.

+ The gigantic kisses I get when I get you out of your crib at 6am.

+ How quickly you can flip over and crawl away the second I take off your diaper.

+ How fast you go when the refrigerator is open.

+ Your sweet face and how much you look like your Papa when you look at me out of the top of your eyes.

+ The way you play with my hair when you’re nursing… and turn my head into a rats nest.

+ The trail of terror that seems to follow you wherever you go.

+ How much you love beans and blueberries.

+The way you close your eyes when you don’t want to eat. It’s like if you can’t see the food, it’s not there.

+ Your teeny, tiny waist.

+ Those top four teeth peeking out from under that top lip.

+ How extremely happy you are 80% of the time.

+ How extremely happy you make me 100% of the time.

xoxo, Mama

4 thoughts on “More Things I Never Want to Forget

      1. Wendy

        A Mom recently told me that when she looked back at all of photos from the kids growing up, there were tons of the kids and their Dad. Very few of her and the kids.

        It’s stuck with me, and occasionally I’ll say to Scott, “um, can you take a picture of us?” Sometimes I’m more hesitant and I just hand him the camera. 🙂 Other times, he suggests it.

        You’re right.. it’s absolutely worth it! The love between a mother and her child/ren is absolutely worth documenting and remembering!

  1. jillasiala

    And don’t forget the weddings and grandkids!! If you are taking care of too many things, nobody has a history of you! TAKE PICTURES IN LIFE!! Yeah right, I’m one to talk


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