More, More, More Things I Don’t Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | More, More, More things I don't want to forget

+ Your legs and how they kick like crazy when I’m holding you and you see Papa (and visa versa).

+ The magical allure any cord holds.

+ You shaking your head when you dance.

+ How sometimes it just takes too long for Mama to get ready to feed you, so you help yourself to the milk.

+ The way your lips form the word Papa, but your voice hasn’t totally gotten it yet.

+ The dimples in your hands.

+ How swings hold happiness for hours, but leaving them is not fun.

+ The way you look into my eyes at night when we’re sitting in your dark room right before bed.

+ Your genius comedic timing.

+ The weight of your little body when you climb into my lap while I’m reading you a book.

+ How impatient you are at naptime to get the reading started.

+ Your sweet kisses to the prickly porcupine in one of your books.

+ Waking up to find that your head is no longer by mine, but your butt is (and being okay with that).

+ Your sweet little voice and how it gets a little raspy when you’re really trying to say something.

+ The determined look in your eyes when you study my mouth as I teach you new words.

+ Your pure joy to be able to stand up and peek over the couch at Papa after you finish nursing.

xoxo, Mallory

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