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I’ve had straight, fine hair my whole life. I used to read that new mama’s hair would change. Previously brown hair would grow in red. Curly hair turns straight. I was always secretly hoping for a little more umph to my doo, but I’ll be honest. I liked my hair. I liked the natural highlights. I liked how easy it was to take care of. Sure, it didn’t hold a curl for longer than an episode of Boy Meets World (man, Topanga… talk about hair envy), but I could wash it and walk out of my house. And look presentable without touching it with so much as an ounce of hair spray.

When I was pregnant, it didn’t change much. Aside from it growing quicker and becoming slightly thicker, it stayed pretty much the same. The hair on my legs stopped growing, but the hair on my head was pretty much the same. Thank goodness. After I had Harry, I started noticing a bunch of three to four inch flyaways around my face and neck. I finally figured out it was new growth. Hair that had started growing where previously there was none when I was also growing a human.

And then Harry’s hair started to fall out. Poor guy went from a full head of black, thick hair, to a mohawk of thick, brown hair. Good thing mohawks are in, because he seriously lost everything on the sides (it’s since grown back). And I noticed one day that my bathtub drain wasn’t draining as well. Yep. Harry and I started losing hair at the same time.

Showers were now 10 minutes longer, as I attempted to keep the hair out of the drain. Our sheets were filled with long, brown, fine hair. The vacuum almost went on strike picking it all up. And Harry was always to be found with a few strands of Mama hair grasped tightly in his hand. My hair was falling out by the fistful. So I cut it.

I needed it to be shorter, because the hair that was falling out all over the place, was literally, all over the place. Plus, I was ready for my new growth to blend in a bit better. So I chopped it into a long bob. A look I enjoy (when I have the time to do it).

It’s been over two months, and I think we are finally seeing the slowing of the falling out of the hair (knock on wood please). I lost a lot. I knew I did. But it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror one day, my hair pulled back in a ponytail, and noticed scalp on the side. YES. Scalp on the side. You could see through my once thick locks to my skull.

Luckily I love the little boy who did this to me more than ever. I’d shave my whole head for him. But boy, when they talk about post-partum hair loss, they’re not kidding. It’s not a laughing matter. Two plus months of constant shedding. Two bottles of Drain-o. Presumably hours wasted in the shower keeping the hair from the drain.

Talk to me Mama’s. Did your hair fall out like this? And if it did… please tell me it came back. Please.

xoxo, Mallory

9 thoughts on “Let’s talk Hair

  1. Amanda

    My hair did the same thing it seems like I lost the most hair with my first baby and I did have noticeable spots you could see to the scalp. Good news is it all grew back. My hair pretty much stayed the same texture and color until my 3rd baby. I didn’t lose as much hair this time around but it changed color it’s darker and coarse.

  2. pj

    I have one spot of one inch hairs in the front that I’ve been trying to grow back since I had Riley 6 years ago! I had more loss when I had Ruthy and I assume I will just go bald after I have the twins! I hope to focus on my hair restoration once I’m completely done breeding lol.

  3. Angie

    I’m in the trenches with you! I lost lots of hair right away with Layne, but just started within the month from Nif. It came back in the same, but twice as slow and the rest of my hair. I should probably invest in some hats.

  4. Monica D

    It’s normal!!! My hair was falling out in handfuls. I thought I was growing bald. No worries though :)! I still have a normal full head of hair…no balding ;). Lily did not actually lose any hair, but our daughter is something else, haha. Don’t stress!!! It’s just your body readjusting after months and months of hormone changes. (Which is ongoing while you breast feed). You’re doing great :)!!! Miss you!!!

  5. Melizza

    My son and I are going through some hair loss. Hair loss wasn’t discussed in the postpartum articles I read. I almost panicked. Thank goodness for Google. Now I’m just waiting it out for our hair to start growing.

  6. Judith

    Sorry about the thin hair. It runs in the family. 🙂 we went through tons of Drano and grandpa had to “rooter root” out the bathtub quite often with four daughters with long hair which was constantly plugging up the drains. My hair started falling out again this past winter and I’m an “older mom”. My hair stylist said it’s the time of year for that to happen Oh well. Looking forward to seeing you all. Love Juju

  7. Wendy

    My hair has always been crazy straight and thicker than thick. It grew a bit faster during pregnancy. When Susanna was 5 weeks, I had it chopped off and donated to Locks of Love.

    It has never fallen out since she was born, and it’s at the “just right” ponytail length. Short enough to look good, long enough to pull back, “just right” for an open water swim, trail run, or hike. Oh, and plenty long enough for Susanna to pull!

  8. Lindsey

    Welcome to my world! I have had long hair for a long time and would say that I was a moderate shedder. Enough to find in the shower, on my pillow but not excessive. When I was pregnant I didn’t lose ANY hair. I had thick, take-forever-to-blow-dry-hair. Once I stopped breastfeeding it was like the flood gates opened. My hair is not noticeably thinner but I was losing so much, like you, I chopped it. I love my chopped hair but think I am still making up for lost time and losing quite a bit. I agree with you, I would go bald for my little lady but would just like to return to “normal”! 🙂 This hair loss phenomenon is so common we had a real mom dilemma on The Wise Baby about it: http://www.thewisebaby.com/real-mom-dilemma-postpartum-hair-loss/

  9. Tami

    I have shed a ton with each of my kids…so much that I have had to buy a new brushroll for my vacuum for each one because it was ruined by all of the hair. It does start to really grow back at about 6 months though if you are breastfeeding and should come back nice and silky once it grows out a bit.

    I used to think it strange that some of my friends cut their hair so short after having a baby but now I totally understand!!


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