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On January 9, 2013, we welcomed a healthy baby boy into our family. He stole our hearts before he ever took a breath and the moment we met him, Jon and I fell so hard in love with him. We were so lucky to have such a beautiful, healthy boy in our lives.

Jon and I were and still are very aware of how blessed we are to have such a happy, healthy child. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t look at Harry in awe, knowing that he is growing as he should and experiencing life to it’s fullest. We don’t take him for granted ever. And I think a large part of that is the second-hand grief we’ve experienced in regards to babies.

Some of our sweetest friends have dealt with extreme loss, the crippling loss that is losing a child. We’ve seen just how precious life is, and just how strong parents have to be to lay their child to rest.

Issy and Lily's Library | R.Simple Life
Kirk + Amanda holding little sister Ellis

Kirk and Amanda are two of those strong parents we’ve known. When I was pregnant with Harry, Amanda was pregnant with their twin girls Isabella and Lily. Their daughters were born very, very prematurely and Kirk and Amanda were able to spend three days with the beautiful, tiny loves. You can read more about their story here.

I don’t like to tell anyone to donate to any certain cause. But every once in a while there is a cause I feel so strongly about, I have to pass it along, in case someone else feels as strongly about it too. Kirk and Amanda have decided to leave a legacy for their sweet girls, by donating books for parents to read to their infants in the NICU. Every baby has should be comforted by their parents’ familiar voices, and when the words aren’t there, the books will be.

If you feel inclined, please visit Issy and Lily’s Library here. You can read about Kirk and Amanda’s story and their current mission. If you feel so inclined to do so, you can also donate.

xoxo Mallory

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