House Number Three

We went into House Number Three completely blind. We had called a landlord about a different house, and he told us he had another house we might be interested in taking a look at in… who knows what village. The realtor was not originally from Germany, so English was his THIRD language, and I couldn’t understand what village we were going to be checking out for the life of me. To be honest, I was only planning on going to this house so that we could go see the original house afterwards (which we didn’t even end up seeing!).

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

Due to a scheduling error, we showed up for the house tour about an hour and 15 minutes too early, so we checked out the backyard and then hit the village. It was about 25 minutes from work, and there wasn’t a whole lot to it. It was one long, busy street with a few shops along the side, but the village was surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. The house itself was huge. Three stories, nice and cool (it was hot that day and walking into the house felt like a breath of fresh air), and nicely updated. The first floor had a bathroom and four bedrooms (you had to walk through one to get to the second on either side of the house). Up a stair case was an extra long living room with a fireplace, a dining room, and the smallest kitchen I’ve ever seen. Ever. One more level up was a giant room, complete with closet and master bathroom.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

The Pros?

  • More than enough room for us. The house really was huge.
  • The backyard was beautiful and big, and backed right up to the beautiful surrounding hills, so the views off the balcony in the back were stunning.
  • It was close enough to work, even if it was right at the edge of our distance cap.
  • It had a basement! So uncommon here.

The Cons?

  • It was on the busiest road yet. Cars fly past at 30mph at regular intervals, which made me extremely uncomfortable with Harry.
  • The backyard, though beautiful and huge, was actually shared with an older woman who lived in a small home behind the house.
  • No garage. No gym.
  • The layout was funky. We would have had to go through our room to get to Harry’s room.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

I have a bet that you were guessing you’d see our house today. After all, it is House Number Three Day. But alas, this is not our house. We actually crossed this one off our list before we even saw the inside, because of that busy street. It turned me way off and I was on edge the whole time Harry was playing in the driveway. Coupled with the lack of garage and the awkward layout, this most definitely was not the house for us, as big and beautiful as it was.

Tune in tomorrow for Haus Nummer Vier (which might just be OUR home…).

xoxo Mallory

6 thoughts on “House Number Three

  1. Wendy


    Thanks for the fun series and look at house hunting in Germany.

    We’ll be overseas in a few years likely though not for years on end. I can only imagine the adventures of finding temporary housing (3-5 months) in various parts of the world, and will file away these journeys of yours when that part of life embarks.

    For now we’re content to have a home to stay in next summer in the Czech Republic of a dear friend. Ah, simplicity… get on a plane, arrive, travel, and enjoy with fabulous people.

    1. Post author

      How amazing is that opportunity Wendy! Challenging, I’m sure, but SO, so worth it with the experience you (and the kids) will have!


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