House Number One

First on the list was a house nestled in the hills of a quaint Germany village, complete with village pool, trails through the woods, baker and butcher, and lots of charm. The village was connected to another more bustling town with a bit more life to it. Definitely promising.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

As for the home itself? Well. It was built into a hill right at the edge of town. We walked into the house to find two bedrooms, one with phenomenal light, and the bathroom/laundry room. Up a set of stairs was a kitchen which was set to be redone before the new lease would start, a guest wash room, and a large dining room/living room with access to the backyard and patio (both secluded, quiet, and full of lush florals). Up another set of stairs was a bathroom and two bedrooms, one of which held the view. One step on to the balcony and I think we both forgot to breathe for a minute.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

The pros?

  • Four bedrooms, two and a half baths, 180 square meters. Plenty of room for us.
  • Pet friendly, with a beautiful backyard – and secluded!
  • A fireplace and German charm coming out of the windows.
  • The view, the view, the view.
  • The village was good, but the adjoining village was perfect, and only a quick walk away.
  • A garage.

The cons?

  • The garage was not tall enough for our squat rack, which means we would have to use one of the first floor bedrooms for our workout equipment.
  • The house was about 35 minutes from base, so further out that we had hoped. Which brings me to…
  • It felt isolated. It was really nice and secluded, but I worried that in the dead of winter when Jon was away on a trip, I’d get a little lonely.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyThis house was at the top of our list for the longest. I actually kind of thought we’d end up here. It wasn’t perfect for us, but we could both picture our family there. We could make it work, with minimal effort. It came in under budget, and the charm factor was there, while still appearing updated and bright. It had a lot of pros, but coupled with the fact that it wouldn’t be available until two weeks too late, the cons really were pretty huge. Ultimately, this was not the house for us.

Tune in tomorrow to get a peek at Haus Nummer Zwei!

xoxo Mallory

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    1. Post author

      Do it Steph. We’ll hang out on each others balconies all day long and admire the views. XO

  1. Grandma J

    I especially liked the view in the first picture 🙂 What was the game in the original posting, I couldn’t figure it out?


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