House Number Four

House number four was the house that almost got away. The listing for the house included very little details (“bedrooms” but how many? large living/dining area, but how big was the house?) and even fewer photos (none). We called the realtor three times with no answer and no voicemail. When we finally got ahold of her, we scheduled an appointment for “2:30 or 3” and hoped to get through the house quickly, because we had another appointment at 4.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

We got to the village (which is about 15 minutes from work) at 2:30 and hung out in the cutest park EVER waiting for her call. As the clock ticked closer to 3, and then 3:10, Jon was ready to leave and check out our 4 o’clock appointment, but I was dying to see this one. I loved the area, the park was beautiful, and I just had a good feeling about it. At 3:30, we finally got an address and hopped in the car to find it.

The second we got out, we were floored. Our jaws dropped then quickly formed into the goofiest grins ever. A giant, two car garage. Ridiculous views. A castle behind the house. German charm coming out of our ears, and a backyard. A backyard with a view!

Turns out, we were looking at the wrong house.

The house we were there to see was actually behind this house (it was number 11, we were looking for 11A). The switch up threw us both for a loop, but that loop ended us in perhaps an even better home. We walked into the garage and smirked at each other. The biggest we’d seen yet (2 car and TALL) with plenty of room for our gym and a car.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

A quick walk through the laundry room showed us this home was recently updated in the inside. In fact, the owner had just added onto the back of the house, keeping the German feel on the outside, but upping the ante on the inside. Downstairs was a small guest room, a huge guest room/office, and the one of the nicest bathrooms I’d ever seen. Complete with urinal (uh…) and waterfall shower head.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in GermanyHouse Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

Up the stairs was a giant kitchen, newly updated, an even nicer bathroom, two bedrooms with views, a bonus room that could be used as a closet or pantry or even a nursery one day, and a giant living room that lead out to a balcony (with views!) and the backyard.

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

The backyard winds all around to include a grassy area, a patio, stairs to the entryway, and a back garden.

I mouthed to Jon “I love it, it’s perfect.” as he mouthed the same sentiments to me. He looked at me with trepidation while he said to our realtor “We love it, I think it’s the house for us.”

The Pros?

  • 15 Minutes to work, and even closer to the busy city where so much happens.
  • A giant garage! Room for our gym.
  • The house is huge, with plenty of room for us and guests.
  • The outdoor space is ridiculous – charming and winding, with beautiful views and church bells chiming outside, and a castle just up the hill.
  • Recently updated and so nice, yet still charming and warm.
  • The village is perfect – a butcher, a baker, (still looking for the candlestick maker) a few restaurants, parks, trails for hiking, etc. etc. etc.

The Cons?

  • No fireplace. I believe Jon’s exact words, upon seeing the house for the first time, were “If this place doesn’t have a fireplace, I’m going to be pissed.” After our walk through, I had to bring it to his attention that the house was missing a fireplace. He didn’t even realize it.
  • That’s it.


We got the lease on the spot and already have the keys! We move in next week. This house was, without question, the perfect house for us. We were hemming and hawing between two different houses (House Number One and a different, new construction home I didn’t feature because it was all cement and unfinished on the inside) for days before this, and the moment we walked into this house, we both knew it was home. Even Harry plopped himself down on the steps and said “Home.” as he measured who knows what – flowers and bugs and steps and rocks – with his tape measure.

This was actually one of the first times we had ever truly house hunted. Usually, we are handed the keys to a home that is picked out for us due to availability, or we find something quickly online that “will work.” I’ll admit it was a little discouraging at times, feeling like we’d have to compromise a whole lot on what we wanted, but it was so much fun, and in the end, we found the perfect house. German homes are very different from their American counterparts. They’re built to last a lot longer, and therefore aren’t always updated on the inside. The layouts differ in ways you don’t really think about (smaller rooms, no closets, giant bathtubs and small showers), but all in all, the house hunting was ridiculously entertaining, and I’m already dreaming about how to decorate this house. How to make it our home. How to grow some of these beautifully crafted climbing rose plants on that staircase.

I hope you enjoyed house hunting in Germany with us! I can assure you this will definitely not be the last you see of our little German home. After all, I may need a little input on the design…

xoxo Mallory

14 thoughts on “House Number Four

    1. Post author

      Thanks lady!! It’s so perfect for us, right? I miss you like crazy! XO

    1. Post author

      Thanks J! I actually thought of you and decided to go through your House Envy posts when I was trying to think of ways to warm/cozy up the modern design (of the kitchen and tiles in the living room/dining room). If you’ve think of anything that mixes cozy with modern in the perfect way, let me know! XOXO

  1. Donna Recor

    So excited for you all! Love all the pictures!! Can’t wait for the tour!! You will work wonders decorating!! Hugs!!!

    1. Post author

      It’s so stinking cute. We love it – don’t worry. More pictures are coming!


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