House Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

House Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

We looked into House Hunters International, but there were so many requirements, it’d be tough to hit them all with a military move. Plus, it would have just been one more thing on the list of over 3 million things (roughly) to do for this move. BUT we’ve decided to do a little HHI on the blog. We toured eight houses before we found OUR house, and I’ve narrowed it down to three for the sake of the game. Ready?

Before we jump into House Number One (later today, promise!), let me give you a little background. We moved to the area (Rheinland-Pfalz) due to Jon’s job in mid-May and immediately started house hunting. So what did we need?

  • 4+ Bedrooms – While we really will only fill two of them, we hope that we’ll have visitors, and to encourage that, we wanted a guest room. Also, with Jon doing his Masters and me working from home, we really needed an office.
  • A backyard – For Duke, obviously, but also for our growing 16 month old. Harry’s a bit crazy if he doesn’t get outside every day, and a backyard will be necessary for him.
  • Pet friendly – We brought Duke and Calvin with us, so obviously we needed a house that would allow them both.
  • Garage – We’re regular users of our pretty extensive home gym (did you know that??) so we definitely needed somewhere to store it.
  • Close to work – We really didn’t want to go much further than 20-25 minutes from Jon’s work.

We also really wanted to live in a village with a little life to it (a park, a market, a restaurant, a baker, a butcher at the minimum… but I wanted to see people outside). We were really looking for a charming home with a German feel to it, but something somewhat updated and fresh feeling, with great, natural lighting.

So there you have it. Our very tall order. If I’m being honest, we had to kiss a few toads before we found The One. House hunting in Germany is a whole different beast. Think: a laundry room in the second bathroom which was outside (yep), a living room on the second floor with a spiral staircase opening right up in the middle of it (saw it), floor to ceiling floral tiling in the bathroom (floor to ceiling guys). Lots of charming gingerbread-esque homes… but lots of toads too.

I’ll be back in a bit with Hausnummer Ein!

xoxo Mallory

PS: we dreamt up this little game AFTER touring all of these houses. So unfortunately, the pictures aren’t great. Just pretend they are and play along anyway, okay? Bitte?

4 thoughts on “House Hunting: R.Simple Life in Germany

    1. Post author

      Oh, I wish you could have too Jacquelyn! You’d love it… everything is so different and quaint. XO

  1. Jess

    so excited to see where and what you guys ended up with. Also, once youre settled, I’d love a tour of your home gym and to hear about the work outs you do there. where do you get the day’s challenge and when you find time to tackle it.

    love you all and really enjoying all the instagram pics from your new homeland

    1. Post author

      I’ve been thinking about doing a breakdown of our gym/my routine for a while Jess. Once I get it back, I’ll definitely do a blog post about it! Love you guys!


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