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Let me tell you about the worst moment of my entire life. Last week, Harry fell down the stairs. I was in the kitchen getting our lunch ready, he was playing with The Guys in the living room and in a split second, I heard the gate go crashing down the stairs and Harry screaming.

My heart stopped. I screamed, and ran. The gate at the top of the stairs was gone, and so was Harry. I had no idea how far he had fallen, but our steps are (stone and) straight down with no landings, so I was terrified he was at the bottom with broken bones or bleeding head wounds. Somehow he had stopped himself about six steps down, and was laying there crying with the gate on top of him.

As I quickly picked him up and tried very hard to calm myself down, because I knew I was scaring him with my panic, I started looking him over. He seemed fine. No limbs pointing in the wrong direction, no cuts on his head, no goose eggs forming. I set to comforting him when I noticed his mouth was bleeding, and I immediately burst into tears.

In between his sobs, because he was still terrified, he looked at me and cried “Mama okay? Mama okay?” Which made me both calm the heck down, and want to start crying even harder. Here is my 20 month old son, who had just fallen down the stairs and was probably in some pain, consoling his crying mama. Worrying about me.

He does this constantly. “Mama okay?” when I take a big breath. “Papa okay?” when his laugh sounds almost like a cry. “Kitty okay?” when the cat walking with us in Italy decides to jump behind a wall. “Duke okay?” when he is whining to go outside.

The kid’s heart is unbelievable. He cares so much for his fellow man, dog, and plastic animal. It gives me this pain in my chest, watching his sensitivity grow. Not a bad pain at all, and proud mama pain, knowing how heart wrenching it is to care so much about other living things. He amazes me with his empathy. AMAZES ME.

His lip was fat for a few hours, but he wasn’t seriously injured at all. He recovered just fine within minutes. I know this happens to just about every single kid, but man. Being on the parenting end of it is scary as heck. It sure is a good thing Harry has so much heart. Maybe one day he’ll understand why I’m crying right alongside him.

xoxo Mallory

12 thoughts on “He’s Sensitive

  1. Donna Recor

    As a mom it is one of the most heart wrenching, stomach turning sounds when you hear one of your children scream, whether pain or fear! The emotion wants to take you to the panic zone, but the need to think/act clearly kicks in, until you can assess the damage! So glad he is okay! Harry comes by his sensitivity naturally! You and Jonathan are a very caring couple and one that makes this mom, MIL & Nona heart swell with pride and joy!
    Love ya!

  2. Grandma J

    breaks your heart and kicks you square in the gut! I was 5+ months pregnant when you got the funnel in your throat and had to keep it together somehow. I didn’t lose it until you went in for X-rays and boy did I lose it! Then the doctor said you were a stroke waiting to happen, oh crap. But I cried just as hard when you fell and scraped your knee or when that mean Michelle in kindergarten pulled your hair. You used to run my tears when you would catch me. You were always so sweet and loving.

  3. Grandma Great Mary

    I agree with Grandma Recor, and then some. My first time with a frieght was when Mark was jumping on my bed and hit his head. I didn’t know that the head bleeds worse than anywhere else, rushed him to the hospital and the nurse had to take care of me because of the frieght and blood all over me and sent us on our way with a butterfly bandage on his head. You did all the right things, and he does get his gift of caring from both you and Jon. Kiss him for me and then let him give you a kiss from me. Love you all.

    1. mallory.recor@gmail.com Post author

      All Harry required was a little “nuggle in mama’s bed” and he was totally fine. Thank god, because I think I needed that just as much! XO

  4. Wendy

    S is a pretty tough little girl, and bounces back well. The worst we’ve experienced was on Easter Sunday.

    We were clamming, she followed steadily after Daddy, and then a rogue wave hit. I tried to run through it, to pick her up, but I couldn’t and she was maybe 10 feet from me.

    I watched her get tossed over three times, thought the current would take her, and then I grabbed her coat by the neck. She was breathing, crying, and covered everywhere with sand.

    Scott had a bad tumble, too.

    It took a few weeks to returrn to the ocean without her being upset. Now we can barely keep her away. She did learn last week about tides and beach streams.

    Her and our respect for the elements is huge and yet, we remain humbled and in awe of them and ourselves.

    1. mallory.recor@gmail.com Post author

      So scary Wendy! I’m glad she’s back to being a beach babe. I’m always worried Harry won’t like something after he has a scary interaction with it. XO

  5. Tracey

    The good/bad pain is seriously something that I don’t think you experience until you’re a parent. Charlie cut her lip the other day and just wanted to hold my hand and snuggle. It hurt so badly and was so, so sweet at the same time. I feel ya, girl. Harry’s a sweetieheart.


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