Happy Graduation Auntie Jillian!

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Sorry for the radio silence yesterday. Harry and I spent 15.5 hours in the car the last two days so we could see his Auntie Jillian graduate from grad school. Totally worth every hour on the road to see this girl graduate. And Harry was a champion. I’m so proud of him.

xoxo, Mallory

5 thoughts on “Happy Graduation Auntie Jillian!

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  2. Kelly

    Love this! And I love seeing the friendships forged at Vance continue after we’ve all moved away. I made a similar road trip from Biloxi to Shreveport for a baby shower. It was crazy, it didn’t make sense, with a toddler and a very pregnant self, but we did it and I’m so glad we did. Congratulations to Jill! I’m so excited for her!!


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