Happy Birthday Harry (Three Years!)

Harry, 3 years oldHarry, 3 years oldHarry_3_years-17Harry_3_years-29Harry, 3 years oldHarry, 3 years oldReally, where did the time go? Who decided it was nice to speed time up the second you have a baby? How is my baby three years old?!

I remember January 9, 2013 like it was yesterday. I remember the excitement, the trepidation, the pain, and then the extreme elation. The joy that I’d never known before. The immense love. The love that stopped me in my tracks. The day I became a mom.

My buddy is three years old now. He’ll tell you. He’s “free.” He’ll hold up three fingers, after pushing down two with the other hand, and smirk proudly. He’s a big boy – maybe even bigger than he realizes. He still holds that part of my heart that he stole so many years ago.

His voice is sweet and high pitched. I never want to forget the way it sounds, especially when he says “I love you, Mama!” like he’s asking a very exciting question. His big feet are always out of shoes, out of socks. His hair is still as unruly as ever and I love it. Somehow, he smells fruity all the time.

He loves trains and planes and busses. He adores animals — stuffed, plastic, and breathing. Puddles are magnets to him. And he loves to quote all things Star Wars. In fact, he just loves all things Star Wars. Han Solo is often doing naughty things in our house, yet somehow Harry is the only one to ever see him.

He takes apart my house daily and it breaks my heart in such a great way when I find something he put away for me. Books backwards, shoes piled on other shoes, toys tossed next to baskets. He tells me often he wants to “take apart houses and then put them back together to make them prettier.” He loves Fixer Upper, and Marley & Me, and Elf, and Thomas.

He’s sweet as can be. Sometimes he engulfs me in a bear hug. When his brother is upset, he’ll often go over to give him his monkey, or sing him a song, or just tell him everything is okay. He holds my hand without my coaxing. He is the most sensitive little boy and his empathy levels are off the charts.

He’s curious. Always taking things apart, asking for help to put them back together. He wants to know why, how, when, where. He loves to talk things through. You can almost see the gears in his head moving.

This little love is my heart. He shares it, of course, but woah I love him. He is growing into such an amazing little boy. A boy I am proud of and a boy I hope his brother will learn from. A boy who reminds me a lot of his father, who I loved first. I feel so lucky to be along on this ride and I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in store for three.

I love you Harry, happy birthday!

xoxo Mallory


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