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Guten Tag | R.Simple Life

Hey guys, just your dear pal Mallory here, writing from Germany, where I live! We made the cross-Atlantic trip Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and we’ve been settling in since. Jon’s been busy working already (lets hope he gets some of that promised time off for house hunting soon!) and Harry and I have been busy getting to know the little village in which we’re renting a flat while we house hunt. Duke and Calvin made their first (three) plane rides and I think they love us a little more for “rescuing” them from that plane. Score!

Anywho, just a little note to let you know we’ve made it, we’re eating schnitzel and knackwurst, and enjoying this beautiful weather. I’ll be back with more, after I nap a bit (how is it that I got the worst jet lag?! Harry has barely any at all, but me, jet lag all the way.).

xoxo Mallory

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  1. Kelly Pittner

    Glad you made it safely! I can’t wait to hear more about your European adventures. I’m sure Harry will be able to experience so much while you’re there! Praying your HHGs make it there safely & that you find a home soon!


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