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Thankful for Trees | R.Simple Life

Because you provide shade and warmth, fresh air and beauty, but most importantly, entertainment for my boy, today I’m thankful for you, trees. Last night, Harry and I were both feeling a little sad without Papa so I strapped the boy into the Moby and went out for a nighttime walk. It was dark and chilly and I had this sweet little dude talking to me, inches from my face. We stopped at every “Dee” along the way to feel it’s leaves. A 10 minute walk turned into a 50 minute adventure.

So thanks, trees. Or should I say “dees.”

xoxo, Mallory

One thought on “For Trees

  1. Wendy

    Oh, yes!

    Susanna will gladly play with every tree in our yard, and then she continues to play with the love they share inside… aka pine needles! One of my all time favorite pictures is of her touching leaves on a hike in the Utah mountains.

    Of course, one my favorite memories as a kid was my Dad reading us The Giving Tree.

    Trees, thanks for all that you do for us!


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