For The Moms

Okay. I know I’ve already made you watch a video this week, and sometimes it’s hard to watch two videos in one week. They take more time than reading a quick post. They have volume, so it’s harder to sneak it at work. Also, I am the person who hates when someone tells me “You just have to watch this.” and then takes over my computer for 45 minutes. But really, if you’re a mom, or you want to be a mom one day, or you have a mom you really like, you’ll like this.

I cried a little, I laughed a little, and I smiled a little. This was ridiculously cute.

xoxo, Mallory

One thought on “For The Moms

  1. Wendy

    Thank You, Mallory, for posting that!

    It’s stuff like that that (sometimes) makes me miss teaching full time in a classroom, but reminds me of why I chose to shift to teaching at home… to be with Susanna.

    Off to send this post to all of the Moms, I know. Oh, I look forward to watching it with Scott’s mom later today when she visits. I’d better get a box of tissues ready, as I needed them when watching it!

    Thank You again for sharing it!


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