Crazy 8’s Week Three

Here we go with another week of the Crazy 8’s! This was supposed to go up Friday, but with everything happening in Boston, I didn’t post. So enjoy with your Monday Morning coffee.


April 12

This situation resulted in a two and a half hour nap. For two boys and a cat. Not for Mum.


April 13

I mean seriously, how cute is he when he wakes up?


April 14

Family portrait the MySpace way. Also, Harry has the cutest outfit in the bunch.


April 15

Someone woke up from his nap and would not let go of George.


April 16

Post Run for Boston sweaty Mum, but super cute Harry.


April 17

Again with this boy and his monkey. Slays me.


April 18

I was working, he was hanging out with Papa. But keeping an eye on me too.

4 thoughts on “Crazy 8’s Week Three

  1. Wendy

    April 12 sums up my life! Scott and Susanna nap while I do everything but nap. Watching them sleep is my gift (or the quiet it provides me to get work done)!


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