Cooler Weather

I’m usually really great at finding the charm in where I live. Loving the local weather, the flavor, the pace. But I’ll be honest right now. The constant sweating, the humidity that is out of control, and the prospect of a winter in shorts is making me sad. I’m yearning for a good rainy, autumn day with a hot chai in my sweaters and boots. Followed by a cold, snowy winter with hot chocolate and snowballs.

Not to mention, 80% of my wardrobe is obsolete in this weather.

xoxo, Mallory

image via A Well Travelled Woman

8 thoughts on “Cooler Weather


    Dearest Recor Family,

    You are cordially invited to stay at the Armington residence for as long as you need to get a good fixin’ of Colorado snow and chilliness this winter. Holler at your girl.

    Love always,
    The Armington

  2. Kelly

    I hear ya, Mallory. That was one of the oddest things about living in Biloxi for me. If you’re looking for a cooler getaway that’s not too far, Montgomery is a nice place to visit in the fall and provides a less hot & humid atmosphere. We visited some of our family who was stationed at Maxwell last November and I got to wear my sweaters!! It’s a really pretty drive up there and while it’s not Colorado or Michigan, it’s definitely cooler than the Gulf Coast!

  3. Amy

    Oh my gosh. This post made me sad. You have to live in heat and humidity throughout the winter?! Didn’t we discuss the possibility of some 50 degree days? And even that’s not looking possible?! AH! What are you going to do? Also, that totally means that one of my gifts for you is, like 80% of your wardrobe, obsolete. Boo.

    1. Mallory

      I’m still holding on to hope we will get a week or two of cooler weather. I have to for my sanity! I also have to plan lots of trips north. So be prepared 😉


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