Behind the Scenes: 16 Weeks

As you may know, we are in the process of moving. Yesterday, movers were here packing up all our belongings, while I kept Calvin away from all the boxes so he wouldn’t get packed up after curling up in a new dark place to sleep, and today they are emptying our house into a truck. I don’t know when I’ll see all my things again.

I’ve been working in our bedroom, amongst all the boxes and things we will be bringing with us to sit in a Uhaul while we live in a hotel for up to 10 days while our new house is being cleaned, repainted, and inspected.

When I set up the tripod (oh, here is the answer to the biggest question I get about my weekly photos – “Who takes the pictures?” Me! With my tripod) yesterday for the photo sesh, it was more than a little comical. So I thought I’d share the chaos that is our life for at least 2 weeks.

All I can say is thank goodness we’ll be there before I’m too far along in this pregnancy. I’ll have plenty of time to unpack, clean, and finally set up the nursery!

xoxo, Mallory

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: 16 Weeks

  1. Amy

    Oh, I KNOW, how that goes. Both the tripod and the packing. It’s so NOT glamorous. But at least they pack things up for you!

    1. Mallory

      SO true! And might I just say, they packed things up and had them out of here in record time this move! Let’s just hope the rest of the moves goes as smoothly.


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