One thought on “Baby Pool

  1. Wendy

    Best Wishes!

    My m-i-l kept reminding me that babes know when they need to be born. She was spot on. We thought we’d have a Thanksgiving girl and we received a 5 December delight!

    In prep for her arrival, I wrote four goals under her name on gold wrapping paper that I kept in my wallet. After her birth, I reread them. They were uncannily true! One was “Prayers, Love, Acceptance!” Nothing could describe more perfectly the hour and a half leading to the C-section.

    Another included the word “snuggling.” Our li’l lady adores it! The more she receives, the happier she is!

    Trust yourself and your babe! All will be as is best!

    Warm thoughts with you, your hub, your babe, and all of your medical personnel!


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